Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It Doesn't Even Matter

I didn't go to the gym at all yesterday. My sister called me just before I left to work out and asked if I wanted to eat lunch with her. So I did. And today, as usual, I ate with a friend. So that ruled today out, too, because I know I won't go after work.

I've been feeling really down lately, and not just your normal "I'll be OK" kind of down, either. I don't recall having ever been this down before. It feels as if I won't ever get back up again at times.

Making myself feel worse, I stumbled across an old friend on Facebook. Perhaps you might recognize her?

Remember me?
Don't worry about it if you have no idea who this. It's an old story and not really important. It's just like being kicked while you are already down. I ran across her without really meaning to. She's married, has kids, and is either living in Pittsburgh or Atlanta. From what I could tell, her parents are super wealthy and for the most part her life is pretty awesome. But this is the person I never knew, not the person I was actually talking to. So it doesn't even matter.

Despite Alana's warnings from the other day to steer clear of protein powder, last night before bed I drank a glass. Yeah, its supposed to keep your body from cannibalizing your muscles while you sleep. And Lord knows I can't afford to have my own body devouring my muscles. But the problem with drinking this protein shake before bed is the bladder aspect. I got up 3 times during the night to pee. And boy did I ever need to pee! So I'm a bit tired today.

It's hard to be productive when you're tired. And I'm behind on a project I need to be making good progress on. So that's not good.

Tomorrow, barring any unexpected lunch invitations, I will either go to bodypump class and embarrass myself or else do a back and bicep workout with the freeweights. Bodypump will make me look like a fool, which I tend to do all by myself most of the time anyway. Freeweights will just make me super sore so that I walk funny for the next 2 days because I can't hold my arms in a normal and relaxed position. But no one is looking at me anyway, for the most part, so that's OK. Just so long as no one challenges me to a boxing match or game of tennis I should be alright.

I have a lot of important things to think about. They are distracting me from my project at work. Also distracting me at work is a couple of unexpected problems a few people keep having which they call me about. They don't know what's wrong, so it's up to me to figure it out for them and fix it. Some people call that job security, but in this day and age I truly can't say that I believe in any such thing.

Well, the workday is done. It's time for me to hit the road. I have no specific plans for tonight and really nothing that I'm looking forward to. That's pretty sad. I need to sit down and start coming up with things that I can do by myself that I really enjoy and then go do them. Maybe I'll go see a movie.


  1. How big is the protein baby this week? No one ever listens to me.. and I'm always right.

    I find I need distractions for distractions. Keeps me in control of something other than reality.

    Choose free-weights. Do pull ups. And push ups. Then find a ball...

  2. Alana, I actually reduced the protein baby a bit. I did listen to you, but the other night it was the time I usually drink one and I was starving. I didn't want to eat something that would make me fatter, so I figured protein was the lesser evil of my choices.

    I need my distractions to stick a little more closely to my actual goals. I'm getting nowhere with the things I really should be reading or doing and watching a lot of TV instead.

    Today is back and biceps. I already have a ball. I have two, actually, but I don't see how ... oh, I see what you mean, one of those exercise balls.

  3. Man, you take this gym thing pretty seriously, huh?

    It's good. I'm a gym freak too and have been for the last decade. Nevertheless, I've never done the protein shakes thing. It's too expensive.

  4. MoviesOnMyMind, I just mostly don't have anything better to do and the gym keeps me from being too lonely. If I go often enough, eventually the people working out there will talk to me. :-)

  5. Hope the rest of the week was better mate.

    Maybe you've developed some sort of food intolerance.......otherwise your belly's been taken over by aliens!!!!

  6. AlleyCat, Aliens is a distinct possibility. I'll have to look into that one.