Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I don't want the cookie
I don't know why I took the cookie
I already ate too many cookies

I can feel the sugar jacking my blood pressure
I don't mind the occasional jacked up blood pressure
when it's for the right reasons

but a cookie isn't a good enough reason
not for me

Why did I take this damn cookie?
There it sits on my desk
uneaten, unwanted, leaving a greasy spot

I can't make myself throw the cookie away
But people will be unhappy if I go put it back
Who wants a cookie someone else touched?

I'm stuck with this damn cookie
It's a good cookie, tasty enough
I just don't want any more cookies.

Someone come eat this cookie
and get it off my desk.


  1. Just eat it :) You'll only have a bellyache for a little while :)

  2. Put da cookie in da bin!!!!!!!

  3. Eye's too big for one's belly?

  4. Amanda, I ate the cookie. I'm weak and pathetic.

    AlleyCat, I done did eated it already.

    Ute, too many cookies have made sure that my eyes will never again be too big for my belly. My belly needs to go on a diet.

  5. Woohoo...I was trying to comment on this blog the last two days and it wouldn't let me.

    Oh have to leave cookies behind and go to muffins. They are lots more fun. Like...on coffee breaks my secretary ties blueberry muffins on herself...then I chase her around the office. And if I catch her...I get to eat her muffin.

    pssst...I think she lets me catch her. :)
    later sweetie. xxx

  6. Fifi, it was good. :-)

    AlleyCat, I was indeed a piglet. I ate 4 of them.

    SpikyZora, blogger has been acting weird. I had both comments and my replies to comments all disappear last week. I don't think anyone here in my office is going to let me eat their muffin and I'd probably get fired for asking. You have a very permissive office!