Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Obama

Hide'n'seek World Champion 2001 - 2011 

I read today that Osama bin Laden was discovered by a team of Navy seals. They promptly read him his rights, gave him one phone call, appointed him a lawyer and then blew him away, as required by President Obama bin Laden.  And then, so we're told, they washed his body (wtf?) and dumped it into the ocean.

Does this seem odd to anybody else besides me? Why dump his body into the ocean before anyone can see it and say "yep, that's him. And he's definitely dead. Yep, no doubt about it, Osama bin Laden is definitely dead."  Isn't that a weird thing to do?

And why wash his dead body before dumping it into the world's largest washing machine - the ocean? That's just freaky.

And what about this rumor that he was discovered when Osama called Dominoes and ordered a pizza, but forgot to use his alias, Eric Holder, when placing the order?

Is this whole "Osama is dead" thing just a ploy to distract from the bigger issue - Obama's birth certificate?

And perhaps even more importantly, why the hell are people in New York City eating cheese made from human breast milk? Don't we have enough cows and goats in this country to make our cheese some other way? WTF?


  1. They took a photo of him, and did DNA/finger printing. What else could they do?!

    Like any death of infamous/famous people, there is always going to be the conspiracy theorists.

    I still don't reckon it's going to make much difference with terrorist attacks. He's just one of thousands who are prepared to take ownership of a archaic and uncivillized belief system.

  2. Ute, I didn't know that they took his picture. I guess I should have read my own links, eh? Pretty lazy of me. I think you're right about it not making much difference, though. He's just a martyr to them now.

  3. I am baffled by the human breast milk cheese..but then again, I would probably try it. lol

  4. I heard on the radio today they did take a photo, but don't want to release it so the crazies don't print it on Tshirts. It's all just a bit bizarre.

    As for breast milk cheese (insert screwed up face) ewwwwwwwwww!

  5. Fifi, I would try it if I knew the breasts it came from and liked them, but otherwise I think maybe I'd watch while you tried it.

    AlleyCat, I'm waiting for the Berkeley crowd to start wearing Osama t-shirts that look almost identical to their Che Guevara shirts. I'm sure it's coming any day now, if they aren't wearing them already.