Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Man, the humidity this morning is just KILLING me. I had to talk to a man down in an area where a lot of electronics are open and partially disassembled. I was dripping sweat just standing there and trying not to drip on any of the exposed electronics. They don't like water and especially not salty water.

This humidity seems to be making my knees hurt, too, which is weird.

I just had a shower, but I already feel like I need another one. Ugh


  1. Urgh, humidity. I hate it.

    The pain in your knees is arthritis :) It plays up when there's lots of moisture in the air... I have it in my little fingers and wrists and hate humidity & rain because of the pain :(

  2. I can see how that pic is making you humid

  3. Ew, sweaty jock straps.....

  4. Uber, why thank you. This is all so new to me.

    XL, I plan to sleep with the fan on tonight. That should help. I'll bet the fans in Texas are twice as big as they are here. Everything's big in Texas. Plus, it gets freakin' HOT in Texas.

    Amanda, I'm afraid you're probably right. I dread getting older because I don't think my knees are going to do it well.

    Sassy, you are the queen of hotness, girl, not of epic fail. Wait, I guess if I'm the king of epic fail then ... sure, you can be my queen. I'm good with that.

    Stephen, that photo does tend to make me sweat a bit. I'm not sure why. :-)

    Ute, yeah, it goes with my sweaty balls.