Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kobe Bryant and friends

The pro-gay news media is all a-flutter about Kobe Bryant. Apparently he called a referee a "fucking faggot" during a game. The NBA, ever the bastion of political correctness, immediately fined him $100,000 for saying "faggot", along with making a lot of flowery speeches about not tolerating such evil. Apparently they had no problem with him saying "fucking" on live TV though. I mean, who could be offended by that, right?

Meanwhile, I still remember when Dennis Rodman collided with a cameraman beside the court. Dennis responded to his collision, oddly enough, by sexually assaulting the cameraman in a blatant attempt to crush the man's testicles. The NBA did NOTHING and said not one word about not being intolerant of sexual violence and abuse by its players. Sexual assault? No problem! Faggot? We'll fine you $100,000, you fucker! 

Shut down the government until we can determine if Barry used steroids

Meanwhile, our Congress and then our court system spent millions to investigate whether or not Barry Bonds, a pro baseball player, ever used steroids and lied about it. Yes, because this is so very important. We have no oil for our cars (Obama stopped all drilling), no coal to heat our homes (Obama shut down the mines), a war in Libya no one understands (Obama invaded), a trillion dollar deficit that is going to bankrupt the entire nation (Obama paid off his cronies big-time), but what really matters most is whether or not our athletes are using performance enhancing drugs and lying about it, you know, like politicians do. Yep.

Bipolar Catherine

The rest of our news media, those not totally focused on gay politics and Kobe Bryant or news that isn't news like whether or not Barry Bonds used steroids that shrank his testicles, are all excited about the news that Catherine Zeta-Jones is bipolar. They are speculating that she won't be able to appear in the next 2 movies she's contracted to act in. Yes, because she's CRAZY. As if a zillion people in America alone aren't bipolar, too, and going to work every single day just like the rest of us. Hell, the US Congress alone is probably over half bipolar, with the other half addicted to drugs.


Speaking of people who are addicted to drugs, Charlie Sheen has begun a rumor that he may be returning to the show "2 1/2 Men" soon. Actually, the rumor started before he mentioned it. Word in the Press is that Les Moonvies, head of CBS television, told the production company responsible for the show to do whatever they have to, work out their problems, and get him back. No one knows whether there is any truth to this, but knowing Charlie Sheen's luck, it probably is true. His life is the epitome of the proverbial Lucky Man. And then at the opposite end of the spectrum is my life.


  1. What would we do without Mr Sheen to keep us amused these past few weeks hey???

  2. Alley, we still have Lindsay Lohan and President Obama

  3. He is not lucky. He will probably die young...

  4. Fifi, it's too late for him to die young. He's already 45 or so. ;-)