Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tough Decisions

Life is filled with decisions. A lot of them are tough to make. This is one of those times.

I have an opportunity. I can't decide how I feel about this, whether it is a good move for me or a dead-end.  I don't know if anyone can answer that for me, though. Actually I have 2 opportunities, to be honest. One of them I have this little bad feeling about. Everything looks shiny and good and yet something that was said stuck  with me and made me think if I can find another one I should let this one go.

I have an opportunity to move to Nashville. Do you ever watch that TV show about Nashville with the cheerleader from "Heroes" sleeping around and  her mother sleeping around and everyone sleeping around and sometimes there's singing? Yeah, well I have an opportunity to move there, not to be on that show or anything.

It would be a major ordeal to do this. I have a house where I am now. And the housing market here is really, really bad. And my significant other has a job here and they greatly value her at this job. But for her to describe her value to a new company in Nashville would be difficult. She's very nervous about that.

So, if I do this it means finding an apartment, moving into it in 2 weeks time, and living a very sparse bachelor's existence for an indefinite period of time with a LOT of traveling to really wear me out week in and week out and possibly kill me if some lunatic in an 18-wheeler beheads me with a sudden lane change (this happens A LOT on the interstate I'll be traveling most often.) It's a rough drive and it'll be every week, twice.

Then again, its Nashville. And Nashville is a nice place. Everyone who lives in Nashville loves Nashville. And what would that be like, to live in a place that everyone living there loves?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


OK, I know everyone and their brother, sister, mother and neighbor are blogging this, but that doesn't mean I can't also blog it.

TODAY IS 11/12/13!!!

This is the last fun numerically consecutive date we'll have for a very long time. Let's have a party!!!

Speaking of parties, remember when I blogged about my doctor putting me on testosterone patches? Well guess what? I quickly turned allergic to them. And then, one night at a party, I had a massive reaction to something I ate or drank at the party. I didn't know what, specifically, so I went on with me life as if everything was fine.

My allergy to the patches got worse, meanwhile, until finally my shoulder swelled up like a grapefruit where the patch was and I told my doctor I could not wear these anymore because I am definitely allergic.

Later, wearing no patch at all, I went to a friends house. He gave me a vodka and cranberry juice to drink. It was good and he gave me another.

That night, just like last time, I had a severe reaction. My whole body turned red. I itched like mad. I loaded up on antihistamines, but it only helped a little. This went on for several days.

My friend  had been burning incense. At the party where I had reacted the first time, I had been around people smoking. I wondered if I reacted to their smoke. I wondered if I reacted to my friend's incense.

But the main active ingredient in the testosterone patches is "Alcohol USP" and that has nothing to do with smoke of any kind. It has to do with pure grain alcohol.

I appear to have developed a severe allergy to alcohol. In all likelihood I reacted to the beer at the first party. We were at a brewery, after all. And I likely reacted to the vodka at the friend's house.

Think of what this mean, no beer and no vodka and even swabbing me with alcohol to clean a wound or give me a shot is potentially a problem!

UGH!!! OMG FML!!!!