Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pippa's Puppies

I read in the news yesterday that there are photos circulating around the internet and through the press of Pippa Middleton topless. After several weeks and months of photos of both Kate and Pippa's faces, and more than a few 'upskirt' shots of Kate, followed by party photos of Pippa dressed in nothing but toilet paper, then dancing in her bra, finally we have this - Pippa out swimming with her sister, Kate, and the 2 royal princes.

I saw the photos. It appears that Pippa was not just running around topless without a care in the world. She seems to have had some sort of problem with her top, sat on the step of the ladder to the boat, and taken the top off just long enough to straighten it out and put it back on.

Ah, but the Papparazzi were already there firing away with their ultra long lenses and captured every moment of it.

The thing of it is, while Kate may now be a public figure by virtue of marrying Prince Andrew, Pippa is not. Simply being the Maid of Honor in the royal wedding does not a public figure make. And so, after the constant stream of old photos the press has dredged up to try to scandalize Pippa, this final shot across the bow has apparently been too much. The Middleton family is suing the newspapers that are publishing them.

I'm all for freedom of the press and all that, but the purpose of that is so the press can keep an eye on government-related wrongdoings without the government being able to shut them down and silence them. This is entirely different. Pippa isn't in the government, isn't a public figure, and wasn't just running around naked and drunk.

I've seen the photos. I could post them here if I wanted to. But I'm not going to. First of all, its just a side-boob shot of her struggling with her top. Second of all, I would say based on the fact that she and her family are suing, they apparently don't want people posting the photos. So I'm not going to.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on that.

Pippa Middleton not topless


  1. I'm not saying this in a bitchy girly way, but seriously, I just don't get the whole Pippa madness! Sure, she looked stunning in her bridesmaid dress, and if someone offered to cut my arse off and give me Pippa's, I wouldn't say no, but she's just a plain girl, really...

  2. Agree with Amanda. To be honest I think her sister is the better looking one anyway.

    But yeah.... I couldn't care less if I saw her sideboob.

    Good on you for showing restraint, and NOT showing her titties. :o)

  3. Hey baby doll, if I was into girls and if she was into girls...or if we had gone to the same college and wanted to experiment a little...well, who knows huh?

  4. The parents were always stopping the mags from printing my naked pics...but I kept sending them the annon. :) hehehe.
    later sweets.

  5. Amanda, she's no movie star, but she's got a super cute face and a killer smile. She looks like someone fun to be around. I guess with all the plastic boobs around these days I'm more impressed by a cute girl like Pippa than I used to be.

    Ute, I think both Kate and Pippa are really pretty, and they both look a LOT like their mom. Lucky Daddy Middleton for being married to a hottie like that.

    Spiky, send those pictures to me and I'll see if I can't help you out with getting them published. That's what friends are for! ;-)

  6. ahem. didn't kate marry wills???

    I feel sorry for her - for the rest of her life she'll be looking over her shoulder. Not to mention any questionable or out of context pic's that already exist!!!!

    bloody paparazzi. glad I'm not famous........