Friday, April 22, 2011

Orgasm ... er ... Organizing

I met an attractive female friend after work for a few drinks. We've known of each other since high school, but didn't actually meet until years later. My girlfriend at the time was good friends with her and always made sure we never got to meet. Turns out, if we had met we might have dated. Ah well, there's no going back. These days we're just friends.

As I was driving home I got a call from TruGreen, my lawn service, telling me my account is in arrears and they are considering sending my account to a collection agency. I exploded on them. I am NOT behind in my payments. I have paid them TWICE and if they can't get their shit together and record my payments then maybe we don't need to do business together in the future. Well, they didn't like that. We'll talk more tomorrow, I guarantee. I am PISSED OFF.

When I got home, instead of watching TV liked I'd planned, somehow I've ended up organizing my crap. I've been straightening my DVDs and putting them into a sort of logical order. I've taken stacks of magazines off my desk and hauled them down the hallway to the den where I put them on a bookshelf. I've thrown a bunch of garbage away that I'd been keeping for reasons that even I don't understand. I've shuffled my books around into an order that really makes no sense to me, but I don't feel like reordering them just now. And after all that work, I'm now looking at a huge pile of shit on my bed, in my chair, and just as much crap piled on my desk as before, only now some of it is more organized than before. Where did all the new shit come from?? I swear, there seems to be more junk here now than when I started. WTF??


  1. It's good to be orgasmisized. :o)

  2. If you are accused of being late on your payments you can demand that they send you the paperwork proving that. Then you send in the payment you sent them. Then you threaten to sue the everliving HELL out of them if they ever breathe your direction. Then tell them to fuck off and that you're never doing business with them again.

  3. I meant to say send in "proof" of the payment you sent in. In no way would I ever condone giving those twatwaffles more money.

  4. sweetie...babe, please plan to watch television at my house...

    my garage needs organizing. :)

    Then I have about a hundred boxes of shoes...seriously need orgaizing in the walk-in closet.

    Plus I'll make you a fab supper. hehehe. was a great read. xx

  5. Senorita, I got them on the phone and they said they are part of a larger corporation with a separate billing department that is messing up things with all their clients. So, since they haven't done this before I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt this time.

    Spiky, As soon as you send me your address I'm there!

  6. Shit, come clean my house. My room will take you the longest. Its pretty gargantuan.

    Im following you back now. Thanks.

  7. Rina, you should see the office at my house. It's going to take me weeks, maybe months, to get that place organized. And thanks for following me. I like your blog.