Monday, July 2, 2012

Random Topics

Several months ago I hurt my right hand while planting 3 trees in the back yard. My hand still has not healed. Years ago I hurt this same wrist while playing football. A sports doctor injected it with cortizone several times, then tried a sort of ultrasound treatment. Eventually it was fine. Now, all these years later, it very much is not fine. I was about to go to the doctor, but with the recent Obamacare ruling from the Supreme Court I now don't know if I want to or if I should just get used to handling these things myself.

The Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare is just wrong. It explodes the power of the Federal Government way beyond the limits the Constitution placed on it, which our Founding Fathers did for a very good reason. It further centralizes all power and wealth into Washington, DC, purely for the benefit of sociopathic politicians at the expense of the citizens of this country. It is as if Europe weren't in a dire financial crisis or else we have no way of knowing about it. They are and we do and we know what caused it. This is like seeing your friend losing his house to a raging fire and instead of helping put it out, you set your own house on fire just to be like him. Oh, let's be more like Europe.

Despite the record heat last week, I still managed to go biking all but 2 days after work. I have increased my distance, but I still wouldn't consider my rides to be anything much just yet. I need to replace my pedals with more race-oriented pedals that accept toe clips and then get myself some shoes that will clip into the pedals so I can do this right. If I'm going to bike there is no point in doing it wrong and then going into a race wondering why I'm so unable to compete with everyone else and their toe clips.

One of my cats killed a rabbit last week. We know this because he left it on the front porch. Later, when I went back out to look for him, he wasn't there and neither was most of the rabbit. All he left behind was the feet and its head. The head literally cooked in the sun, leaving a charcoal bricket with ears scorched to the concrete of the front porch. I'm sure the postman is thrilled to see that when he comes to deliver the mail because I forgot to clean it up. Speaking of government-controlled industries that are in perpetual crisis, the post office is no longer going to deliver mail on Saturdays. The government long ago turned the post office into a social class warfare welfare program wherein they only hire black people and women, so now that they are broke and can't seem to raise fees enough to cover their enormous expenses (lavish retirements for way too many employees) they are reducing service. If there were a free-market industry they would lay off workers based on who was least effective at their jobs. But being a government welfare/affirmative action program, they simply cannot do this. They must keep every black or female employee regardless of need or ability to pay and simply raise our taxes and fees on mailing a letter. Small wonder FedEx and UPS have reaped such large profits these last 20 years or more what with everyone choosing to mail all their packages through them. We'd mail our letters through them, too, if it weren't illegal for them to compete with the Post Office for that service. But now that we have email, the Post Office mostly just brings junk mail and bills, with more and more people paying them bills online, too.

And this brings us to the United Nations' push to take over control of the internet, with Russia and China being the two biggest promoters of the idea. So awesome. We should totally let them do that. Then the Chinese government can help everyone see a glimpse into how it feels to live in a country where Big Government controls everything and the citizens have no voice and no rights at all.

It's expected to be less than 100 degrees today. Perfect weather for a bike ride, I think. You know, with my right hand being so reluctant to heal it makes lifting weights virtually impossible. And that is frustrating. Even more frustrating is that with all my frustration, I'd love to wrap my hands, put on some gloves, and beat the hell out of a 70 lb punching bag, but I can't because it hurts my already injured right hand.


  1. Well.... that was, weird!
    Yr blog disappeared!

    Get the corisone. Mine seems to have worked somewhat. Although it does seem to have worn off a tad, but still a shit load better than before, where I couldn't even lift my arm.

    Your cat caught a rabbit?! No way! How fucking big is your cat?!

  2. Ute, I may have to. This is a real pain. I practically don't have a right hand. My cat is 13+ lbs and he ain't fat. He's a big breed.

  3. Lots of food for thought here. I do notice all my bits take months to heal but my kids are heal in a couple of hours.

  4. AboutLastWeekend, my hand has still not healed and I have still not found a doctor. I suppose I'll have to look harder.

  5. Less than 100 is perfect for a bike ride? No Sir. That is perfect for another margarita. In fact, don't mind if I do.

    Hope the hand heals quickly. That is so frustrating.

  6. VapidVixen, I haven't had a margarita in so long I can barely remember what it tastes like. Oh, now I want one!