Saturday, October 20, 2012

Strange Days Indeed

Something funky is going on. I don't know what to make of it. I wrote a little about it in my previous post. I had a thumb and wrist that wouldn't heal. I originally began having problems with it in March. No explanation. But it was hurt like hell and wouldn't heal. Around the time I went to the doctor I was having odd pain in my left knee. Then my ankle. And I didn't do anything to either one of them. They just hurt. No explanation.

Since then, I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me some sort of steroids for inflammation. The steroids seem to have solved the problem with my right hand. It doesn't bother me anymore. But my left hand is another story. While I was at the doctor my left pinky was swollen in the center joint and stiff. I couldn't figure out why. Maybe I did something to it? I didn't mention it. I figured the medication for my other hand would take care of it.

By the time I had taken all the doses of steroids I was prescribed, my right hand was mostly OK. My left pinky was only so-so. And as it healed, or seemed to, my left middle finger began to get stiff in the same joint, the middle joint. There is no reason for it. I did nothing to it. So for a time both my left pinky and left middle finger were pretty useless. I couldn't make a fist or open my hand all the way. Either extreme was just not possible.

Meanwhile, every afternoon, when I'd get up from my desk, my left knee was stiff. It wasn't stiff like it was swollen or injured or anything. It was just stiff like it didn't want to work. And if I tried to turn my foot to the left or right, it wasn't going to allow it. I'd walk around the office and it would mostly work the stiffness out. But still, there is no reason for it in the first place. Something is wrong.

My ankle, which was mysteriously aching without any cause, had mostly stopped bothering me. Every now and then it comes back, but not much.

My back, which I had hurt, would stop hurting when I did some ab exercises. Now it just aches, as if it has nothing to do with any injury.

Today I went back to the doctor. They took a lot of blood. They're going to send it away for a lot of tests, some of them for some seriously unpleasant stuff. I'm hoping all the results are negative. I'm hoping this is all just a freak thing and it is going to go away just as mysteriously as it appeared. But we'll see. If the tests don't show anything, they may have to take more blood and do more tests.

In the meantime, I finally got my bike back from the bike shop. It's all fixed up nice. Both the front and rear deraillure have been replaced. It rides nice again. Of course, with Autumn fully here now, it gets dark before I get home from work, so I wont have very many opportunities to ride it for about 6 months.


  1. Good to hear that you're getting it seen about. Best wishes.

  2. This happens to me all the time - it's called being 50. I would be worried about getting steroids though, I'm already doing enough waxing as it is....

  3. Some good, some bad: life everyday as we know it. Get well and hope your aches everywhere gets better.

  4. VonLX, I appreciate the well wishes. I hope this turns out OK. At this point I just don't know what is going on exactly.

    AboutLastWeekend, Yes, but I'm not 50. This just appeared out of nowhere and seems to have no cause. It's the sudden, unexplainable pain that bothers me. Whats to say it won't just keep springing up in different parts of my body for no reason? I need some sort of solution. But the steroids, I agree, I don't like taking them.

    Annika, yes, I agree. I just need for the good to outweigh the bad for a change. I need something good, and I need it soon.

  5. Good luck with the tests............bummer that things are not right, but at least if you know what's causing it all you can work on fixing it.........xo

  6. AlleyCat, thanks, I'm hoping to be able to fix all this and move past it.

  7. I get sick and am gone for a couple of weeks and you start falling apart!?! Good luck with the tests and I'm rooting for everything to come back well with just a simple solution!

  8. PaddedCellPrincess, thank you, I am hoping for the best. I am mostly feeling better and I hope it stays this way for awhile. I'm sorry that you were sick, but I'm very glad to see you well and back again. :-)