Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Heat and Hotter Humidty

I am aware that I haven't written in nearly a month and I apologize most sincerely to both of you who read my blog. In my defense I was at the beach for a solid week and did not bring a computer with me. I also didn't take many photos, which is somewhat unusual for me. The first time I went to this particular place I had been a photography enthusiast and spent roughly half my time taking photos with my new expensive camera. This time I used my phone and mostly only photographed sunsets.

The other reason that I haven't written much this month is that I haven't done much working out. The heat had been rough, the yard has been out of control, and there have been a few other things popping up that I have had to take care of. There is always some excuse for skipping workouts and I realize I shouldn't be making any, but I did anyway. I have skipped almost an entire month's worth of workouts now.

Oh, one other reason for not blogging here much is that I've been trying to write. I mean, I've been trying to write more seriously, and this has meant that in the few spare moments I've had for getting on the computer (when it wasn't for work) I was trying to write something reasonably coherent and mildly entertaining. I'm not sure if I've been at all successful on that, but if nothing else I can consider it practice.

On the political front, as long as I'm here and writing random things, the Democratic Party and the United Nations have been working together to try to take away the rights of citizens to keep and bare arms. I don't just mean American citizens, but all citizens of any country that signs the treaty the UN has written up. It's odd at first glance, for a political party to be doing this, albeit as stealthily as possible, during a major election year. The subject is extremely unpopular even with their own supporters in the US. But it is very popular with dictatorship nations like Russia and China, and as anyone who has been paying attention has noticed, the governments of Russia and China both have a disturbing level of influence over certain political parties and certain politicians in all of the various Western nations. So, unpopular or not, they're trying to shove it down our throats like they did in the UK. And as the citizens of the UK have tried to warn us, this is a very, very bad thing.

The Olympics have started. I always plan to watch them and then miss most of it until they are almost over. About that time I begin to get hooked and then POOF! They're over and I'm sorry that I missed so much of them. I want to watch track and field. I don't know if I've missed any of that yet. I always like to watch and see how fast everyone is this time. Every Olympics they are faster than the last. And everyone is faster than I was at my peak. But at least I have old personal best times in certain events that I can compare with the times of the runners competing in the Olympics to give me an idea of how much faster they are than I was. It makes it more fun.

For those of you who know who I am, I have been actively looking for a new car. I have been reduced to talking with car salesmen on the phone. Friday I talked to salesmen in Texas, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Massachusetts. I'm looking for something specific and I had no idea when I started just how hard this is to find. I've been looking for months now.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else much to say. I wish I could say that something exciting was going on in my life, a new child, a new mansion, a luxury cruise, Kim Kardashian stalking me, anything at all. But I'm afraid it's just all been work and stress and trying to get back into the groove of regular workouts. Oh, and missing my friends back home. There has been a lot of missing my friends.


  1. I still read your blog. That makes it three?

    As far as the Olympic goes, I'm with you on that one. I plan to see it, then I always forget which time they air what I'm interested in, and well...

    I really don't have to watch it. People I follow on Twitter always tell how Sweden is doing. So I can do something else instead (like I do that... I still sit in front of the tv, I just don't watch the OG).

    I'm a bit envious of everyone elses heat this summer, over here there have been RAIN for weeks. The sunny days can be counted on one hand's fingers (I'd like to use the middle one, just to make a statement).

    Good to see you're still around though :-).

  2. #4 here! *waves*

    Olympics= 2+ weeks of crap telly.
    I only like the equestrian stuff, and it's a battle trying to find it when it is on. Usually at 2am.

    It's only 13c here today! That's 55.4f. :)

  3. Annika, i havent been on Twitter much lately either, but you mentioning it just reminded me that I was all over Twitter during the last Olympics, giving hell to my Canadian and Australian friends when we were competing directly. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I should get back out there and do that again. It was more fun that way.

    Ute, its odd to think that I could come to Australia to escape the heat and cool off, eh? Ha ha! I haven't seen any equestrian so far, but I've missed a lot.