Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stomach Virus

So, my latest excuse for missing workouts right and left is that I have a virus. It's some sort of stomach virus and it has me tired all the time, running to the bathroom a lot and generally weak and shaky. I haven't been on my bike in awhile, haven't run in even longer, haven't lifted weights or even jumped a rope. I have done quite a few push-ups, at least, for whatever that's worth. Gotta give me credit for that much.

I know you are, but what am I?
So, there's a lot of heavy politics going on. I know it's important. I know this election is critical in determining the future of this country. But I'm so sick of it already. I'm not going to say that both sides are equally guilty of mudslinging because they're not, but the one side that seems to have nothing else to offer by mud is stooping to a new low. A certain politician currently in office just today accused the other entire political party of wanting to enslave all the black people. Seriously? This is a professional man who represents our country to foreign lands and he's slinging crap like that around with a straight face? Where do they dig up these people?

OK, though about that.

I've been looking into what all is involved in self-publishing. I have a friend who is writing like mad and in the past 2 years or so has put out over 10 books, all selling very well. Meanwhile, I have had people pushing me to write for a long time. I never knew a good option for how I could write and get published so I didn't take it seriously. I had submitted articles to newspapers in years past only to get rejected every single time, so I'd blown it off. Now I'm thinking maybe I could make this a reality. If I could ever find a minute of free time to write, that is.

I'm currently in a rather unhappy situation. I decided that in order to make this situation more bearable I'd buy myself a car. I started off looking at 2 reasonably priced models. And I quickly moved my attentions to their higher end big brothers, one of which comes from the factory with a supercharger under the hood. I don't know if driving a supercharged musclecar each day can make up for the empty places in my life, but I'm thinking it can't hurt.

I've been looking into road cycles, trying to see what a decent up-to-date model would cost. Looks like what I'm riding was a very ordinary road cycle when it was new and would cost about $1500 today for a brand new model of the same bike. It's an Italian bike, from the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world. I had another one, a Mercier, that looks to be similar in value. I gave it to a cyclist friend who liked to fix up old racing cycles and ride them before selling them and fixing up another one. Some of the nicer cycles are priced at around $5000. And one bike I read about is $10,000. I can't imagine paying that for a bike. But I guess if I was a very serious cyclist and competitive racer I might. I'm not, though, so I won't.

Anyway, I have neglected my workouts, my blog, my own life even, for quite awhile now. I just wanted to stop in and catch you up on what's been happening. And when I get another chance to catch my breath I plan to stop by your blogs and catch up on what's happening with you, too.

*UPDATE* - Oh my God, I just reread my previous post and it was almost exactly the same as this one! I mean, this is basically an update from the last one, but it's the same topics EXACTLY. The only thing I didn't mention this time was the Olympics, which I did end up watching like an addict. They were really impressive and the track and field was awesome. I turned it on the second I got home from work and watched until it stopped at 11 pm each night, plus the weekend. I was sick all weekend, so it was the perfect time to sit on the couch all weekend long and watch the Olympics. Awesome, awesome, awesome!


  1. You poor bugger.........hope the virus buggers off soon!

    Glad the olympic's entertained you! I did watch a little & did shout at the telly; especially when Sally Pearson ran for gold in the Hurdles!!! And Bolt!!! My oh My what machine!!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you're sick, feel better soon.

    I didn't watch the Olympics as much as I wanted to. Or at least, that's what I tell people so they don't think I'm weird for not watching. Because I kind of lost interest in it. Too.

  3. AlleyCat, Sally Pearson was mighty fast, that's for sure. It's rare to see a blonde white girl win the sprints. Reminds me of a girl I ran track with in high school who broke all the state records. She was a flying blonde too.

    Annika, there were certainly some parts that didn't thrill me, but being sick I didn't have much else to do. It was a good Olympics.