Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Mr Gym Bag

Dear Mr Gym Bag,

the benches running the length of each aisle, surrounded by lockers, are not there for people to use for storage. They are there for people to use for changing clothes, especially sitting down to change their shoes and socks.

If you place your gym bag and equipment on the bench and leave, either to work out or go shower, anyone needing to use the bench for its intended purpose will take your bag off the bench and place it in the floor, especially when the locker room is crowded and the bench is completely full due to people using it while dressing.

If you do not wish to have your bag removed from the bench and placed on the floor, it is recommended that you put it inside a locker like everyone else. This is what the lockers are there for. This is why there are so many of them, at least half of which were empty at the time that you chose to simply leave your stuff in everyone's way on the bench instead of using one.

Even though this is a fairly crime-free city, compared to many others I won't mention by name, it is not inconceivable that some poor starving college student might see your wide open gym bag as an opportunity for free stuff and relieve you off it. I myself could easily have picked it up and walked out without anyone suspecting that it wasn't mine. Anyone could have simply searched the open bag for a wallet or car keys and taken them. As pissed off as you were to return and find your gym bag in the floor and underneath the bench, try to imagine how much more angry you would be were you to open the bag and discover that your wallet and car keys were missing, and possibly days later to find that your entire identity had been stolen, with resulting charges and headaches now coming home to you. Imagine how angry you would have been to return and find the bag not there at all.

In short, put your damn gym bag in a damn locker and don't give me attitude about putting it on the floor so I could sit down and put my shoes on. The bench is not a locker. Don't use it like one.



"Dude, totally NOT cool!"

And finally, Nicholas Cage is a vampire ...


  1. Yeah, see, that'd piss me off too.
    Women do the same thing with their fucking handbags on seats, to stop anyone else sitting next to them. Cunts.

    I've always wondered why Nic Cage never ages.

    Now we know!!!!!!

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  3. Ute, yeah, the handbag thing is the same, totally selfish. Personally I think Nicholas Cage has aged poorly over the past few years. Either that or he needs to change his trainer and diet. He's starting to look Madonna-like with the Skeletor thing going on.

    Alana, see, it wasn't the fact that his bag was on the bench that aggravated me. It was the fact that he was just storing it there while he walked off and left it as if it were in a locker. He wasn't dressing or anything. He was totally gone.

    You'll make it up to me? Now this sounds interesting!

  4. Some people just have NO FUCKING RESPECT!!!!

    I'm so lucky I don't have to get changed @ my gym - I change at work then go. That would shite me no end!!! I also hate it when people leave their stuff on the treadmill while they are off chatting although I guess I've been guilty of doing the "gotta pee" bolt & leave my stuff....I do run both ways though.

  5. AlleyCat, it was pretty annoying. He could have used any number of lockers, but just didn't bother. It's ironic for someone to go to the effort of working out at a gym and then be too lazy to put their stuff in a locker.

  6. Seems that the members of your gym are more convivial than at mine. Some dude got arrested by the cops last year in our changing room for having drugs (I guess he was a dealer) in his locker. Last month a group of South Asian guys were caught shaving their pubic hair in the showers.

  7. MoviesonmyMind, this is a pretty tame place and not a lot of crime, but this guy was just begging to have his bag walked away with. Apparently he's never lived anywhere that has crime.

  8. Some people just recon they're king shit & don't give a flying fuck if they are in others way. The arrogance!!!!! Not so much to do with laziness :0)

  9. AlleyCat, well I think I got on his nerves when I put the bag in the floor. Too bad for him. HA HA!