Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTF Wednesday - What Brings You Here?

This is a screen shot of the search terms that bring people to my blog. I have to say, I'm a bit surprised. And mostly .... WTF?

I'm shocked that the majority of people coming to my blog are searching for "fat people" here. I was unaware that I was running a blog about fat people, but apparently I must be. I guess they must mean me because the only names in the searches are Pippa Middleton, who is not fat at all, Sara Underwood, who is not only not fat, but smokin' hot, and Rebecca Black, who might get fat when she's older, but for now she isn't fat either. So that just leaves me. I must be the fatty they're searching for.

"fat person", "pictures of attractive fat men", "large fat man" - none of that could be applied to Pippa, Sara or Rebecca. That only leaves me.

I think I resent this. Definitely not skipping my workout tomorrow.

Here, this must be what they're looking for:


  1. "Rebecca Black car exploding" HA!

    No idea, dude. You should see some of my search words! :oD

  2. I got here by searching for "redneck technical support."

  3. All of my search terms have to do with diarrhea. Go figure, since it's apparently one of my favorite topics.

  4. oh dear. just bizzare!

    I came for the beard.....

  5. I refuse to watch the bad boy dance...unless Lady Ga-ga is doing it. Um...yeah I meant doing it. not the Then I'll watch not it...the bad boy

    What...who's on first?

    Um, are you confused or am I...?

    Don't answer that...just bring us margaritas and a bong...m'kay. :)

  6. Ute, sounds like wishful thinking by people who are sick of that Friday song. I can't blame them.

    XL, yep, if you got a problem with your VCR or toaster oven then you've come to the right place. I can also fix most record players and analog TVs. YeeeeeeHA!

    ThatChick, there's nothing wrong with a good poo, so it surely can't be wrong to blog about it. Life is filled with poo episodes. We probably spend 1/10th of our lives taking a good poo (more as we get older and struggle to make it flow, apparently.)

    AlleyCat, I know. I had no idea these terms were being used to find my blog. And I don't know why the fat references lead here, either. Apparently my totally random Cookie poem is to blame, I suppose. So you like my beard? Or were you making a joke that went right over my head? I'm having that kind of day today, so I have to ask.

    CandyZarathustra, I am always just as confused as you are. We must be related somehow. I can bring the margaritas, but I don't actually have a bong. Can we both use yours just until I can get one from

  7. haha I get some weird stuff in my analytics too. Sometimes sex stuff which is gross!

  8. LOL - no, no hidden agenda's or Jokes in the beard.

    2 of my young cousin's have beards; then I heard of a band called the beards, who write & sing songs about beards like "if your dad doesn't have a beard then you've got two mums" -

    Now beards are just, well, a bit facinating & yours is mighty fine. bahahahahaha

  9. I found you by searching "porn" go figure ;)

  10. Heather, well for you, being female and pretty, to get some sex searches, I can understand, but for me it just seems weird. And this stuff I'm getting is weird. I mean, "fat person" - c'mon, that's harsh!

    AlleyCat, ah, so you like my beard then? I had no idea. Thanks! I guess so far I've only gotten good feedback on it. Otherwise, I'd never have worn it in the first place except that first time when I was sick and just didn't feel like shaving. So there's a band called The Beards and they just sing songs about beards? HA HA! That's insane!

    Fifi, hey now, I've been a good boy on this blog .... so far. ;-)