Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Things

It's Thursday, I have to pee, I just got out of a meeting, I just watched a VLog made by a beautiful Canadian blogger who made me laugh, and I've just started reading a new book. The book is:


This book was written by said beautiful Canadian blogger, whom you may know as Wanderlusting, and I highly recommend both the book and her blog.

Wanderlusting - published author

Well, after running the big race, doing poorly, not puking, and getting a major sunburn, I have not gone to the gym one single time this week. Call me lazy. Call me sore and limpy. Call me a pussy. Just don't call me Ethel. I'll get back to it next week.

Feed me, bitch
And whatever you have to say about my gym-skipping, don't compare me to this man. Dude was so fat and lazy that he sat down in a chair and 2 years later they had to pry his ass out of it because his butt had literally become fused to the material of the seat. What I want to know is, how the hell did this guy manage to get and keep a girlfriend who not only stayed with him while he sat there growing fatter and fatter, but also fed him so he wouldn't have to get up? He must be one hell of a super ladies man.

OK, so, since yesterday I posted what is arguably the worst music video/ad of all time, once I saw this I felt obligated to post it, too:

It's Friday, Friday, Friday ... except that it isn't


  1. On ya Ethel! (got my glasses on today). don't be dissn the chewster!

    We'll both go back to the gym NEXT week right?? :0)

  2. Well, it is Friday here. :o)

  3. AlleyCat, damn skippy we will! Monday is 'muscleworks' class and Wednesday is muscleworks class and if I got my butt over there after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays I could do a kickboxing class, too, which I totally should.

    Ute, 1:20 minutes more and it'll be Friday here, too. And then we party!

  4. that poor, poor man. And what is wrong with his gf to just keep feeding him :(

  5. Amanda, she must've been Italian. You know how those Italian women always want to feed their men. Either that or she had a massive life insurance policy on him.