Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Things

Well, it's Thursday, obviously, except in Australia and New Zealand, and I can't think of what the hell I've done with my week thus far. I know that I've been wasting my nights away watching reruns of "That 70s Show" the past few nights, because that was the last thing that I did last night.

I know that I watched a killer episode of "Attack of the Show" last night in which Sara Underwood participated in the "Naked Bike Ride" through the heart of Portland, Oregon, because the sight of Sara riding nude, or nearly nude, set my heart to racing. That was nearly 20 hours ago and I'm still all worked up about it. Wow, she's hot!
Sara Underwood
I did manage to make it to my workout yesterday for lunch. We had a substitute instructor and her workouts are always very different than our regular instructor. There were 2 or 3 very attractive college girls in the class, plus one woman who looked like she could be in Playboy if she wanted to. I have to admit, they were a little distracting.

Much to my surprise, as we were leaving, one of the good looking college girls smiled at me and said "Hi" and after I said "Hi" back she kept smiling and looking at me as I passed by. I'd like to think that she found me attractive somehow, seeing as that extra long eye contact often means that, but I honestly have no idea what was going on. Maybe she was just in a really good mood and thought that I needed some cheering up? Or maybe she thought I was a big dork and wanted to see if she could embarrass me into peeing myself?

Hi there
I just got back from eating lunch with a friend. We struggled for things to talk about at first. I theorized that the military must have its own relatively secret space program because NASA doesn't seem to be entrusted with jack crap anymore. He said NASA has done a number of projects for the military that then disappeared somewhere. We attempted to talk about weird things we had seen on TV recently, mostly debating the merits of "1000 Ways To Die" and whether or not it is good for him to allow his young sons to watch that show which his own wife won't watch. And then, somehow, we ended up on the subject of wild plagues in nature, including bamboo, wild pigs, panthers and some idiot who dressed up as Bigfoot in order to scare some joggers only to end up shot with a dart by a forest ranger. The dart was intended for bears, so it killed him. His obituary should read, "cause of death: fatal stupidity."

There is a "turbo kickboxing" class today at my gym. I talked to the instructor on Tuesday. She said it's about 30 minutes of kicking, then 2 minutes of something she called "a turbo workout" where you do something or other as fast as you can for 2 full minutes, slow down to catch your breath, then another 2 minutes, repeat until vomitous, and then back to kicks again at the regular pace, finishing up with abs and stretching. If I were going to join this class I'd need to have brought my gym stuff with me today, but I notice that I haven't, so apparently I'm not going to. Maybe next week?

Oh, and also, there was only one guy in the entire class and the only kicks I saw them doing were front leg groin kicks, which are not my favorite thing, by any means. A room filled with women doing groin kicks probably explains the lack of any male participants more than anything else about that class. Even so, I may try it out at some point.

So that's all I have to say today. I know this isn't terribly exciting for you to read, but you do realize that I'm just a guy who lives an ordinary life, right? I'm not a secret agent or anything, and if I was I'd have to kill you after you read my blog if I wrote about secret agent things. So that would mean I would never have very many readers because they'd all be dead. I don't think Dooce does that, so I probably won't either.


  1. I know, this week has gone by SO fast. It's Friday(sings, "Friday,friday!!!!) here, and it still feels like last Monday!

    'Turbo Kickboxing'.... sounds like some kind of motor sport mechanics. ;o)

    'ave a good weekend!

  2. Ute, this week has gone by too fast for my liking, because fast means the weekend will also fly by, and then it'll be the next week again. That means Monday comes that much sooner and more often. I don't want more Mondays. I need a normal, full week between them.

    Turbo Kickboxing is just so wrong. There's no turbos and no actual kickboxing. They're all just kicking into the air. That's not kickboxing. Kickboxing is when someone is kicking you in the head while you're trying to kick them in the head right back. This class should be called Air Kicking Cardio or something.