Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Stupid Tuesday


Well, by God, it's Tuesday, and what a Tuesday it is, too. The screen in my Blackberry is broken. I thought I'd be smart and order myself a replacement screen and install it myself without sending the phone away to China for children to fix using tiny elf tools. So much faster and I don't have to go without my phone for even a day. Smart, right?

Yeah, not so much.

I found a video on YouTube detailing how to take my Blackberry apart. It was all totally correct. I got that sucker apart using the little Chinese elf tools that I ordered along with the screen and proceeded to install the new screen.

No cracks in this one, oh yeah!

I put the whole mess back together again, noticing that it was even harder to reassemble than it was to disassemble. The case simply won't snap back together at the top. WTF?!

So anyway, figuring a phone I can use that is partly split in two at the top is better than one I can't use that is neatly put together, I turned the phone on.

White Screen of Death

Nothing comes up except a blank white screen. And the red light flashes to tell me that I have a message of some sort somewhere, but I can't see it.


The next day, which is today, I went to work to ask the girl who handles all our phones to send it off and have it fixed. This is my work phone, but it's actually a better model than I'm supposed to have, which is why I didn't just have it sent off in the first place. Well, now I have to. There's no using this thing.

As I'm driving into work, on the interstate in the rain, I get stuck behind some jerkoff who is going 50 mph. I'm not close behind him, but I can't go around him, so I sit there. Well, Jerkoff doesn't want to share that lane he's in with anyone else, so he starts flashing his brake lights at me. I'm nowhere near this idiot, so I assume he's just scared of water. But then he starts flashing them on-off-on-off-on-off again and again, so there is no mistake that he is harassing me, several car lengths back.

Only a blind man could look at me back where I am and mistake me for being on his tail, so clearly this guy isn't under the impression that I'm tailgating. He's just a dick. As I realize this, he jumps on his brakes - ON THE INTERSTATE IN THE RAIN! Well, I'm far enough back that I have plenty of time to react to this rolling vagina, and as it happens an off-ramp that I already need has just appeared, so I simply change lanes over to the off-ramp and sit on my horn as I race past him doing about 55 mph in a 70 zone. He's slowed to a near stop now ON THE INTERSTATE IN THE RAIN, but predictably, after I passed him, he suddenly found his accelerator and came after me.

Yes, because I was using the same road as him and HOW DARE I DO THAT!

Fortunately, his car is slow and the off-ramp is only one lane, so I flipped my mirror to 'night' and ignored his stupidity. When the ramp merged with another highway, he attempted to cut me off from behind, but I didn't need off because I wasn't taking that highway. So I ignored him and continued looping around to another ramp that leads to another road.

He seemed to be the sort of person who drives with his face perpetually in his rearview mirror, so I'm certain that he saw that I didn't need over and thus hadn't been affected by his jackassishness. And I'm equally certain that this pissed him off, which suits me fine because he was a total asshole.

When I got to work, there was no electricity. All my computers were off. The lights were off. People were standing around sweating because there was no air conditioning. And, of course, that girl who handles our phones was nowhere to be found.

The thing is, every single time I've ever needed her, I can't find her. Yesterday I phoned her and left a message to please call me back, but she never did. I saw her in the hall and asked her if she got my message. She said "yes" and acted as if my request to "please call me back" was just a funny suggestion and not an actual request to PLEASE CALL ME BACK.

Today, I need her again. Of course she's not around. I sometimes wonder if she only works here part time, but I haven't asked. She's never here. So I sent an email saying "my phone is broken. Please let me know when you are in your office so I can bring it to you."

I can guess what's going to happen with this email. Nothing. Not a thing. I'll never hear from her.

So I reinstalled my old, broken screen. Guess what? It works. WTF? My brand new screen just gives me a blank white screen, but my old broken one works. Granted, its still broken and now its worse than ever, but at least I can use the phone to some limited extent, unlike before.

So, until I can run this girl down and make her take my phone to be fixed I am limping along on half a phone.

Yay, so excited.


  1. Hey! Don't use 'vagina' as an insult! You twat ;) haha

    Hope the part-timer fixes your phone soon. I get called a part-timer at work, usually by people I avoid... ;)

  2. Is there perhaps a clear plastic film that should be peeled off the new display first?

  3. I always admire those who attempt to fix things via tutorials.

    Pity it didn't work in your particular case. ;o)

  4. Amanda, Hey, 'twat' and 'vagina' are both better than 'cunt', which is what I'm most frequently called by you Aussie types. :O I hear it so often that I've come to view it as a term of endearment, although I have yet to try calling my mother that one to see if she agrees with me.

    I found the part timer and she is simply getting me a better phone! WINNING! Booya!

    I would think that she's avoiding me, except that once I get her in her office she talks my head off and I can barely get away. So I don't know what to think.

    XL, I took care of that, but it only goes solid white when I power it up.

    Ute, I thought it was worth a try. Lucky for me it appears to be working out well in the end.

  5. Well you had a shit tuesday didn't you!

    Considering the number of times I call people dicks or dickheads every single day, I cannae complain about your use of vagina!! LOL! Dickhead sounds so much better than vagina head....

  6. AlleyCat, I don't know. I might try out vaginahead and see what reaction I get. If nothing else, it should stun people into momentary silence. ;-)