Monday, January 9, 2012

Football: Alabama vs LSU - boy was I wrong

A few weeks ago I wrote about a college football game between the University of Alabama and Louisianna State University in which LSU beat Alabama in a totally defensive game and took over the number 1 spot in the college rankings. Alabama ultimately settled at the number 2 spot. I noticed that neither team had a decent passing game and predicted that because of this shortcoming there just seemed to be no way the season could end with either one of them at the number 1 spot in the rankings. I predicted that someone somewhere would come along with a decent passing game and tear them up.

Well, no one did. In fact, I can't recall anyone even coming close. Oregon was probably the best chance of a passing team beating either one of them and LSU tore Oregon to shreds in the first game of the season, knocking Oregon out of the running for the title game right from the start.

Oregon did manage to work their way back up to the number 4 or 5 spot in the rankings, though. And they put on what I consider to be the best bowl game showing of the season so far against the equally exciting Wisconsin Badgers. Who chooses a badger to be a team mascot? For that matter, who chooses a duck? All I can say about that is at least neither team wore pink all season long. Anyway, enough about ducks and badgers. That was the best Rose Bowl I've seen in a very long time.

So LSU beat Alabama in overtime with a less than stellar score of 9-6 last time they met, if I remember correctly. There were several missed field goals by Alabama and only a handful of passing attempts. Mostly it was running the ball and tackling the runner with the ball and not a lot of excitement. I mean, I guess for LSU grads and Alabama grads that was an exciting game, but for the rest of the world it was just a lot of no one being able to do much.

Everyone is over on Facebook talking about the game. I guess it's on TV tonight? I guess I'll watch it. I might not. I don't know. I haven't made up my mind. I'd hate to miss the BCS Championship game, but good Lord, their last meeting was no thriller.

Speaking of thrilling games, did you watch Denver beat the Pittsburgh Steelers last night in NFL playoff action? I did NOT see that coming. Pittsburgh had some critical injuries prior to the game that left them without key players, plus a few injured people who went ahead and played, but were limited by their injuries. The quarterback was chief among them. Tebow got a little help from above in that game because if the full-strength Pittsburgh team had been on the field it would have been a different game. Then again, that's football for you. That's the way it goes.


  1. Of all the meaningless BCS "championship" games that have been staged, this Bama/LSU rematch is the most absurd and pointless. I am hoping it is a ratings and $$$ bomb.

  2. I know nothin' about NFL..... my AFL team has a Cat as it's mascot :0)

  3. same,same @Cat....

    but did you know there is an Aussie who plays for LSU? Apparently he's a real hit over there. His kicking skills are different. He trained in Aussie rules.

  4. LX, I don't know how it did in the ratings, to be honest. I was just relieved not to see any of the players or coaches wearing pink. If they hadn't had LSU vs Alabama I would have been interested in seeing LSU take on Oregon again, especially after the way Oregon performed in the Rose Bowl vs the way LSU performed in the BCS game. I think Oregon might've beaten them this time.

    AlleyCat, If you're pro-Aussie then you'd have been for LSU. They stole one of your AFL boys for their team.

    Ute, he did well for LSU, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. Their offense just seemed to have no game plan and never settled on what specifically they wanted to accomplish.