Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Bleargh!

I've been sick. Something has been going around. I managed to resist it for a long time, but it finally got me. Oddly, the combination of being sick and the medicine I have to take makes it hard to sleep. I mean, I sleep, but I don't sleep well. And then the next morning when I have to get up at oh-my-God-its-early I feel like death frozen and placed in the spare freezer down in the basement. So anyway, that means no gym time this week.

So what else is new? Hmmm

Sexual assault and torture versus peeing on dead soldiers
Some US soldiers were videoed peeing on the dead bodies of enemy Taliban soldiers. For some reason we are expected to get upset about this. I saw this video right after I saw the video of Keshana Wilson, a 14-year-old-girl, being shot in the vagina and electrocuted by a police officer with a Taser after he had slammed her against a car and then she raised her hands indicating that she surrendered to her assailant. The officer admits he aimed at her groin intentionally, as Taser recommends. Personally, I find the video of the Tasering and subsequent sexual torture of the unarmed teenaged girl far more offensive and alarming than the video of soldiers peeing on dead enemy soldiers, but maybe that's just me? I tend to think that a society where police officers are more abusive and prone to sexual assault and genital torture of unarmed citizens while soldiers in combat are held to an oddly tame standard is a society with a serious moral schizophrenia crisis. But again, that's probably just me who thinks this way.

The man who would be king
President Obama seems to be doing a bunch of stuff that the President lacks the legal authority to do, and then he dares anyone to do anything about it. Congress could impeach him, but if history is any guide, they don't have the guts. The problem with this is that even after Obama leaves office, if nothing was done to uphold the laws then the next presidents who come after can do the same thing and point to Obama's actions as legal precedent granting them the power to do likewise. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago talking about this. The author clearly likes Obama, but he pointed out the dangers of the "good prince" crisis where people allow some leader whom they think is moral and righteous and good to violate the law and get away with it. It inevitably leads to more of the same with the "princes" who come after, and then everyone is upset and wonders how things got out of control. Well, its because you let them.

Heather Locklear is in the hospital. She just had a broken engagement and next we hear she's being rushed from her home to the hospital, but they won't say what happened. Who knew you could be so good-looking and yet have such a disastrous personal life? I mean, besides everyone in Los Angeles, that is.

Casey Anythony
Casey Anthony, the 20-something girl who murdered her own daughter, has said that she was molested by her father when she was younger and that she became pregnant with Caylee after being drunk at a party and passing out. She remembers nothing about the party and believes she may have been raped. I find this interesting because it wasn't mentioned in her trial and only came out after. Had she been lying about this, like Lorena Bobbitt or Mary Winkler, it would have been her entire defense - "I'm the real victim" - and would have won her some sympathy. She still would have been hated by the women of the jury, but it would have gained her sympathy otherwise and made things go easier for her. For it to come out afterwards, though, makes me wonder if it is actually true.

I just farted and it was really potent.

Bad idea for a tattoo
A very foolish man in Iran had a popular saying tattooed on his penis. It was done using a hand-held needle, no electricity involved at all. And apparently the tattoo artist, not being acustomed to doing work on penises, pushed the need in too far. The result is that the Iranian man now has a permanent erection and doctors are unable to make it go back down again. In addition to the popular saying, "good luck with your journeys," he also had his girlfriend's initials tattooed on it. If they ever break up he's going to have a tough time dealing with that one.

Monday is a holiday for me. I just found this out. Today is Friday the 13th, the roads are frozen, the doors of my car were frozen shut, I am sick and under the influence of medications, and I have a long, cold, 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of me immediately following work on dark, frozen streets, and I am not looking forward to that. I hope I make it home alive tonight.


  1. Wow, I feel so out of touch with the world. I actually had never heard anything about the Anthony case until all of my American friends started saying on facebook that the mom got away with murder. I also haven't heard much about what Obama has been doing (except something about getting rid of the 4th Amendment or something!?!) but I still have been wondering if maybe our move over seas is so we can eventually move all of our families over when the country really goes downhill. I'm also wondering if I should feel bad for snickering in my head over the now permanently erect idiot who thought up the stupid idea to tattoo his junk! Serves you right!

  2. PaddedCellPrincess, I hadn't followed the Casey Anthony case very closely either. I figured between CNN and HLN talking nonstop about it every single second of every single day for over a year there was little need for me to pay any attention to it. I was busy watching the rest of the crises that were being ignored. Obama, from what I have read, began doing all these unConstitutional overreaches recently, claiming he has the right because Congress refuses to do what he orders it to. He is acting like he's king and they are letting him. It is unbelievable. And then the police treating American citizens like enemy soldiers in combat even while we are unarmed and trying to comply, this is insane. Our country has gone insane. As for the penis tattooer, I just think the guy is brain damaged or something. I mean, who looks at the tattoo process and then at their genitals and says to themselves "I think I'd like you to take that needle and do that on my private parts"???

  3. There was mention of her alleged sexual abuse by her father, but he has always denied it. As you do.

    I must admit though, anything that has come out of her mouth is very hard to believe. I think she is a compulsive liar.

    Saw the video of the US marines before it went global. As a lot of people said on the site I saw it on, "Who cares?"
    Can you imagine what the Taliban do to THEIR victims???
    You just don't see it.

    Get better soon....

  4. Ute, it may very well be that she's a compulsive liar. The psychiatrist said he thought it was strange how she showed no emotion of any kind and that he'd expected if she was a cold killer she would act like she had emotions she didn't, and if she wasn't she would show other emotions, but he didn't know what to make of her seeming to be in a world unaffected by it all.

  5. Why on EARTH would anyone tattoo their genitals, male or female? It's just asking for trouble!

  6. I didn't realize that perpetual erections were due to botched tatoos. I just thought they were due to me being too d*mn hot. ;p

    And, I don't believe anything that comes out of Casey Anthony's mouth. I heard she has a new boyfriend now. WHO would go there?! He's got to be just as insane as she is. :o(

  7. I feel so updated now :) on what's important to know at this very moment (yes, that was just a little bit sarcasm and a little bit true).

    Feel better :).

  8. Fenstar de Luxe, that was my reaction, too. What kind of idiot places their genitals in the hands of some random tattoo artist and says "here, stick a needle in this ... about 1000 times. And also write my girlfriend's name on it while you're at it."

    Minxy, most erections probably are the result of your hotness, but this guy lives a long, long way away and may not have internet.

    I'm not surprised that some guy is dating Casey Anthony. Lorena Bobbitt claims to have a boyfriend, too. If that isn't the stupidest man on the planet then I don't know who is, but if she can get a boyfriend then anyone can.

    Heartbroken, yes, I felt compelled to do a news cast because I haven't been to the gym in so long and didn't have much else going on.

  9. I am all caught up now on all the world's happenings. I must miss all the cool news. Maybe if I actually read the news ...
    Anyway .. guess I don't have to.

  10. Alana, well if you like I'll read it for you and then summarize it here. How'd that be? HA HA