Sunday, November 6, 2011

Football - LSU vs Alabama

We can both run the ball
I just watched "the Big Game" between #1 ranked LSU and #2 ranked Alabama. Both teams were undefeated and most people seem to believe that the winner of that game is going to be the national champion at the end of the season.

I haven't seen many college football games this year, so I can't say much about all the other teams currently playing this season, but I have seen a lot of football over the years and I definitely have some thoughts on this one.

First of all, during the overtime, when the TV cameras were showing Alabama fans in tears because their team had blown a field goal attempt and they knew that LSU was probably going to score and win, there was one unmistakable fact about all of them.

They were all super drunk.

Then again, this is Alabama we're talking about, one of the biggest party schools in the nation, so that should be no surprise to anyone. I was just surprised that the network chose to show it, and not just once but over and over again. I think they must have thought it was funny. I know I did.

Anyway, the second thing I wanted to say is, after all the hype and all the talk about how great both teams are, I was shocked at what I saw.

Sure, both teams have killer defenses. Sure, both teams have great running games and strong offensive lines.

But one thing I have never seen in a national championship-winning team is a weak quarterback. And let's face it, Alabama's current quarterback throws fluffy balloons instead of passes. Those suckers just float up there and leave his receivers exposed way too long to get any yards after a catch.

Last year, Auburn had a quarterback with an arm that could rocket those passes to his receivers. They won the national championship on the strength of that arm, which was complimented by his running ability and the whole team's overall strength. But his arm was crucial. And even with all that, Oregon almost beat them.

The year before, Alabama had a quarterback who could throw passes like a laserbeam. He threw like Drew Breeze. They won the national championship because of that arm, along with a great running game and overall great team. But that arm was critical.

LSU is only marginally better than Alabama this year. At least LSU tried to throw, even if it did cost them 2 interceptions. But those interceptions indicated something about LSU's throwing quarterback. He isn't that great. And his arm isn't that much stronger than Alabama's weak-armed QB. Worse still, he isn't their only quarterback. They have 2, so neither one gets as much playing time as he needs to really develop out there. That just won't cut it.

I'm going out on a limb here and predict that LSU isn't going to end its season undefeated. Someone is going to frustrate their running game and eat their weak passes for lunch. I don't know who that someone is going to be, but I'd be shocked if there isn't anyone out there better than what I saw tonight.

Yeah, I'm sorry that Alabama lost tonight. It a was every bit as tough a game as predicted. But both teams were less impressive than I expected. I don't think either team, if they don't improve quickly, could make it through this season undefeated and win the national championship.

Sorry, if this upsets anyone, but it's true.
Floats like a butterfly, which is really bad for a pass


  1. "one thing I have never seen in a national championship-winning team is a weak quarterback"

    This was before your time. 1969-1970 Univ of TX quarterback James Street. UT was running the wishbone offense. The QB was most importantly a ball handler and was as much as a running back as anything. Basically every play was an option, with the QB making quick reads and dealing off the ball according to how the defenders reacted. They rang up incredible ground yardage.

    Coach Royal's theory was that if you passed, three things could happen and two of them were bad.

    Although, #1 TX did beat #2 Arkansas with a long pass for the conference championship. Nixon was on hand to proclaim them national champions. And they beat Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl with a long pass.

    Street never played professional football.

  2. I know nuthin' 'bout american football. Who am I barracking for?????

  3. vonLX, LSU did a fair amount of option running and it worked well for them, but these days a college team that can't throw is an also-ran. You know, I know where Auburn's quarterback from last season is now, with the Carolina Panthers, but I don't think I've heard anything about McElroy from Alabama's championship team 2 years ago. I wonder whatever happened with him?

    AlleyCat, I fully understand. Sometimes you guys talk about rugby or cricket and I have no clue. Just to let you know, though, LSU has a player on their defense from Brisbane and I could have sworn they said their punter was from Melbourne, but that may have been an NFL game I saw earlier today instead. I'm not sure on that second one.

  4. That's not football! They're not even using their feet. Football is what we play.

  5. LOL, I have no clue about rugby either!!

    But i just remember, a guy from my AFL Team went off to the states to play NFL - see here:

    I'm still not sure who I'm cheering for as he looks to be finished playing!!!

    He was one of my fave players too :0)

  6. MoviesOnMyMind, after seeing the NFL let itself be taken over by a bunch of girlie corporate lawyers and marketing fairies I'm starting to agree with you. We used to play football. What we play now is more of a game like those padded sumo suits two people wear and ram into each other without getting hurt. The rules are ridiculous and since Disney took over ESPN it has been the all-nancy network. I can barely watch anymore. College football is better, although political forces hostile to men's athletics are trying to destroy that, too.

    AlleyCat, there are a few Aussies in the NFL. Apparently Australian rules football makes for some good NFL preparation, especially for our punters. Your boy, Graham, appears to have returned to his AFL team, from what Wikipedia says, but not before playing in the Superbowl.