Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just This and That

OK, I'm a bad fitness blog writer! I didn't go to the gym on Monday. My mom had car troubles and she was all freaked out so I helped her out. I consoled myself by saying "I'll go on Wednesday and make up for it."

Tuesday I went to lunch with a friend. We argued about whether or not he's a girl because he drives a Toyota Camry with a 4-cylinder engine and got all huffy when I told him a certain female person in my life refused to even test-drive a 4-cylinder Camry because she wanted more horsepower. I told him there is a new Camry out this year with over 250 hp, but I didn't think he could handle it because it has a V6 and also he's a girl.

Wednesday came and my sister emailed. "Want to do lunch?" Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I don't really, but it means I can skip working out all alone at the gym while college girls try not to make eye contact with me for fear I might speak to them. Oh heavens to Betsy, don't let the man look at meeeeeeee!

I am swamped at work, as in having people expect me to do 3 critical things at the same time and somehow get them all done even though they are all unrelated. Yes, that does not work well.  But it has helped me to see, once again, that I need to better organize myself at work and keep things that way.

I had some thoughts about Stifler's Mom accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment and hiring feminist scheister Gloria Allred to be her lawyer, but I've mostly forgotten what I was going to say. The stress at work erased all the good jokes about that from my brain. But seriously, this woman looks EXACTLY like Stifler's Mom from American Pie. How could a professional shit-stirrer like Gloria Allred not have noticed that and convinced the bit... er, woman to change her hairstyle or at least do SOMETHING to make herself not look exactly like Stifler's Mom, the child molester made famous in a series of popular movies that the whole world saw?

Person of Interest - I've got no interest
Beyond this, I don't have much. I saw the latest Nielsen Ratings for American TV for the last week of October and I was shocked. The show "Person of Interest" was in the top 20 with 11.62 million viewers. I watched the first 2 episodes and I swear to God they were both the same episode exactly. In fact, I think every episode of that show is the same. It's just Batman without his utility belt and cape running around beating up white males who are conspiring to keep women and children down. It's so lame I almost thought I was watching the first season of "Chuck" only without the laughs. Don't get me wrong, I like the actor playing Batman on "Person of Interest" in most of the roles I've seen him play, but this show is crap.

OK, that's it. No gym time so far. I'm being a lazy loser.


  1. LOL I've been slack as too. Coulda gone for a cycle, but you know what??? I found something else more exciting to do. Like cook dinner, vacuum, watch least you had/have lunch dates!!!!!!

  2. AlleyCat, I could've gone to the gym after work, but you know I had to get home to watch TV. Oh, I'm sad.

  3. The gym .. I live there. And I'm clearly not in college anymore because I do not avoid eye contact. It's more to make someone uncomfortable than to pretend they aren't there.

    Get back to the gym .. it imitates anti depressant meds. Oh and get some NO Explode... it helps with the desire to get there ..

  4. Alana, I finally got back. I was about to write another post about it when I saw that you had visited and left me a comment. I was feeling awful and didn't want to go, but I knew it would help pick me up again. I needed the workout in more ways than one.