Friday, November 4, 2011

My Friday

I started to write a post here and then suddenly stopped and dumped it into draft. I hate when I do that. I had a thought I wanted to write a short post about, but I got off track and wandered into a forest of random ideas. Blah. That post will probably never be finished.

I'm sore from my workout Wednesday. And I'm fat from all the deserts left sitting around from our Halloween party on Monday. Who leaves multiple cakes and pies sitting around in the break room right next to the coffee maker? That is just evil!

So yesterday I think I just about ate myself into a diabetic coma or shock or whatever happens to a person who eats way too much sugar.

Last night I was heading out to hang with friends when I looked in the mirror and saw a gut hanging out with my name on it. It was me. I mean, I was wearing a shirt that had my name on it and that was my gut under the shirt with my name on it.

I looked in the mirror and almost didn't go. This is what happens when you eat a bunch of cake and you already look like ass, though. So I went out anyway. It turned out that most of my friends had gone home early and I ended up hanging out with some older guys who also have guts and couldn't care less about mine.

We talked about electric guitars and football.

And that was my night. What an exciting and dangerous life I lead!


  1. Avoid mirrors at all costs!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Except for the cake, pie, and going out, that was pretty much my Friday night, too.

  3. Guitar & Football aint that bad :0)

  4. Ute, I'm going to live the life of a vampire - no mirrors!

    vonLX, yes, but you're in exciting Germany, where the women are mostly blonde and pretty wild and I'm here in the middle of nowhere. I think you still win.

    AlleyCat, yeah, the conversation was interesting. It turned out OK. But I've got to make some sort of progress in the gym soon or else people are going to begin asking if I'm pregnant.