Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Finishes the Week

Another Friday. I made it! Over the past few days I've noticed people being more pissy than usual. I'm not sure why. Today on the way into work I had a guy who seemed determined to fight with me and possibly get himself killed for absolutely no reason. I mostly ignored him, but in the end I showed him my brakes and sent him on a detour. He isn't the only one, though. This is a weekend that is going to require a lot of driving from me and I'm not looking forward to it. If everyone is pissy, and this is a holiday weekend, then that means the cops will be out and everywhere. And they will be pissy, too.

Last night I really needed to get out and just see people. I went to eat with a friend. She chose a place that is freaky, but always has a staff of mostly hot 20-something girls. So if the conversation lulls, I can always look around the room and see something interesting, tattoos and girls who I'd like to ask to model for me so I can practice my photography, except there isn't really a good way to approach a girl about that without sounding like a freak of some kind. And there was a regular crowd of people who obviously hangs out there at the bar a lot, guys about my age hitting on the 20-something waitresses every chance they got, waitresses smiling, dodging, maneuvering away and then back again, wrapping the men around their fingers, etc.

May I take your order?
My friend is dealing with a break-up and trying to stay distracted from her broken heart. I was trying not to be distracted by the football game on the wide screen TV just overhead in my line of sight, or the sexy black-haired waitress dressed head-to-toe in black who keeps looking over at me with her dark brown eyes. I'd like to believe she was looking at me because she was attracted to me, but I know better. I must have been staring at her more than I thought I was and so she was keeping on eye on me in case she should need to reach for a knife or make a run for the kitchen to hide. I'm sure she gets that all the time. Her pants were those form-fitting yoga pants and when she walked by it was virtually impossible to ignore her rear end, or her long, flowing black hair trailing behind her. I did my best, though.

I'll be your hostess for the evening

 The hostess of this restaurant looks like Cindy Crawford at about 18 years old. She's thinner than Cindy Crawford probably was and shorter, but so similar looking. I know she once overheard me talking to my friend about wanting to photograph her, and I get the impression that she'd like me to ask, but I haven't gotten up the nerve. And I haven't bought the camera I want yet. I keep blowing my money out my ass on other things instead.

Yeah, we all know your name, Jackass!
 After my friend went home I went to another place that I sometimes hang out, where everybody knows my name and most of the people are closer to my own age. A guy I graduated high school with was playing guitar and singing. Another friend from high school was there with a huge group to celebrate her birthday. But I didn't see them when I first walked in. I only saw three friends who are always nice enough to let me sit with them and who talk to me even when it seems like no one else will. So I went straight to them and sat down. Another friend from high school, a girl I had the hots for back then, was sitting with them. Sometimes she will call me and ask me to come hang out with her, but this time she hadn't, and she didn't seem happy to see me.
Here today, gone tomorrow
 I hugged the other 2 women, shook the guy's hand, and then hugged her. She was the only one who didn't seem keen on the hug, but she hugged me anyway. I don't know what's going on, but I knew better than to ask her what was up because she's never going to tell me. Apparently she's had a rough month. Whatever went on, she didn't want to talk to me about it. I didn't press. She's had 2 tattoos removed and she showed me the damage. It looked painful. She said it was. And apparently she got hurt rollerskating earlier that week. She talked to me for about 20 minutes. And then she left.

 When I saw the other group, the huge group of my old friends from school, they were somewhat intoxicated. I tried to wave to 2 of them who I know saw me. They didn't wave back. I texted one of them, the only one whose phone number I thought I had. She didn't respond. Later in the night, I walked over and talked to whomever would talk to me. 2 of them turned around and said 'Hi'. Then my friend onstage performing said, "hey, you graduated with most of these people. Why aren't you sitting with them? Are you too good for them?" And then he laughed. But I got the impression that what he said was what they were all thinking and why they were all pissy, or seemed to be, towards me.

Later that night I went over again and tried to talk to a few of the ones that I hadn't gotten to talk to before. 2 of them were friendly to me. The rest mostly blew me off. Ironically, I had only just that day added 2 of them as friends on Facebook after having not seen them in forever. Yet tonight, they were not friendly to me at all.

I saw a book on the table. It was "The 5 Love Languages." I know that book. People whose marriages are in trouble read that book. And, I guess, people who have just been divorced and wonder what has gone wrong read it, too.

I went home. I had laundry to do. While my laundry ran in the washer I got on Facebook. I noticed that several of the people in the group that seemed less than enthusiastic to see me had been talking to one another. They seemed to be talking about heartbreak and failed relationships. It sounded like several of them were pretty depressed. Apparently someone had just walked away from a relationship after giving it as many chances as they could. Another, I know, got a divorce earlier this year. I wondered, or maybe hoped, that they only seemed unhappy to see me because they were just in a depressed mood and not necessarily feeling all that happy to see anyone.

Whatever the case, this is a 3-day weekend and I'm not sure what to expect. I hope it goes well, because I'm about all out of hope. I'm about all out of patience. I'm about all out.


  1. I really don't understand why people add you on Facebook, then never seem to fkn talk to you. Ever again. Wtf is up with that?!

    I'm sorry you're having such a shitty time. And even though I can't offer you anything in the way of a solution, I do offer you my hugs.{HUGS}

    What is the long weekend for? Whatever anyway, hope you have some nice things happen.

  2. Mate, I sincerely hope your weekend got a LOT better. (((hugs)))

  3. Ute, hugs are always appreciated. The long weekend is for Labor Day, a big mafia holiday or something. I don't know when it originated, but it's for the labor union, which organized crime controls in the US.

    AlleyCat, luckily, it did get better. Thank God it got better. I don't think I could have taken it if it hadn't.

  4. breathes out sigh of relief.....