Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Monday, Except That It's Not

It's ironic that I posted what I did just before this, because this weekend, which started off so nice, ended with a bang. I'm not sure that there is any hope of a future at my house. And I'm not sure that I want to be a part of whatever the future there is. There are a lot of things that I'm not sure of. One thing that I am sure of, though, is that I can put up with almost anything as long as I believe that the person loves me. But once I stop believing that, I am done.

Meanwhile, the northeastern coast of the US was flooded by hurricane Irene, a big storm that got weaker, but not smaller, as it slammed inland. It was all over the news, on every channel and in every paper and all over the internet. And yet, despite this 'flood' of coverage I found myself totally disinterested. There is only so much that one person can care about, and only so many disasters or distant events that we can worry over. After awhile, I believe, a person can get fatigued of caring for the whole world's problems and just start to shut down and close the door to outside concerns.

In other words, I have enough to worry about without stressing over a storm that probably won't even touch me, especially after the tornadoes that shredded Alabama earlier this year.

I haven't been to the gym in 2 or 3 weeks. They've been working on the locker rooms and disabled the showers, plus I've been sick, plus I've somehow injured my shoulder while not working out. I honestly have no idea how I did that.

Anyway, this month is nearly over and the gym showers should be operational again soon. And then I'm going to have to get myself back into the gym and get back to working out. And embarrassing myself.

In the meantime, I've bought a John Deere riding mower. I thought I got a real bargain on this thing. I paid $400. The seller was asking $650, but I talked him down. Little did I realize that I got no bargain.

I had my local John Deere dealer pick up the mower and tune it up. It needed one or two things, but seemingly nothing major. Once they got it and began to look it over, the trouble began.

"Yes, your deck won't go down, but we fixed that. But we noticed that your electrical system isn't charging. The whole wiring harness has been cut and spliced to hell. Somebody took a good mower and just tore up the wiring for some reason. We really need to replace the entire wiring harness. Your muffler is the original factory muffler. It's totally rusted out. It needs to be replaced because it is leaking and the intake is sucking hot exhaust straight back into the engine. $$$"

$1000 plus later, my mower is purring like a kitten. Or like a big-ass John Deere king of riding mowers. Or lawn tractors, as they say. Damn, this got expensive fast.


  1. Yeah, there comes a point where you have to look after your own emotional well being & shut out the trauma of the rest of the world. That's not a bad thing.

    Sorry you had such a shite weekend.

    Love the lawn tractor! Bummer it didn't end up being the bargain you'd hoped for. Enjoy mowing......sure beats a push mower :0)

    PS hope you shoulder gets better so you can get back to gym!!! I like to know I'm not the only one sweating buckets & looking like a goose @ pump!

  2. Too bad Irene did not interest you, sir. There is great news footage of streakers interrupting live storm coverage. You can see weiner and all.

    I h*te hearing the bad news at home.

  3. Not good to hear of your home life being utter shite.

    Not good either that you got royally ripped off with the mower. The utter cunts! You should totally go over to the sellers house, and mow over his plants and hose. He must've known.

    Here's wishing you some good news and happy days ahead.

  4. AlleyCat, I should be back in the gym on Monday. And in about 2 weeks I'm running an insane race with mud and fire and barbed wire and stuff. I'll try to blog about it after.

    Minxy, I didn't know about the streakers. That's hilarious. But I really don't want to see weiner. If there were some hot babes streaking, that would be awesome. But it's so rare.

    Ute, the mower thing is a drag, but after checking around it looks like I'll have put the same money into it that I would have paid if I found one in good shape, so it sort of evens out. Yeah, I could use some good news and happy days, but I'm losing hope for that.