Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Weekend Shot to Hell

I spent my weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. I hope you did the same. Actually, I hope you had more fun than me. And I hope you spent less money.

Earlier this week I spent about $150 at The Guitar Center buying a tiny portable amp and a kick-ass effects pedal for my guitar. But you know, my guitar is an acoustic with electronics built-in so that I can play it through an amp, but it isn't as easy to really jam with as an electric.

My guitar

So on Friday, totally as a favor to a friend who is suffering the after-effects of a break-up, I went out for drinks in order to keep my friend from having to eat alone. And after the drinks, I noticed I was only a block away from The Guitar Center.

So I wandered over just to take a look around one more time, you know, in case anything had changed since I was last in there. Nothing much had changed, but they had set up a shiny black electric SG guitar on top of a bunch of boxes.

So naturally I bought it.

My new guitar

It's a nice guitar. It is the Epiphone version of the kick-ass Gibson SG that I used to own. But because it's an Epiphone, it costs about half as much.

And also because it was apparently made in China.

So by Friday night I had blown about $350 in The Guitar Center already, and they only just opened their doors for business earlier this month. I would have blown this money sooner, but I didn't know they were here.

I spent my weekend alternating between entertaining my heartbroken friend and screwing around with all my new guitar equipment. I also learned that it's probably rude to play "Smoke on the Water" with heavy distortion and amplification at 12:30 at night when other people are trying to sleep.

Today I met up with my heartbroken friend again to entertain them and keep them from having to eat dinner alone. Being so close by The Guitar Center once again, I decided to stop in.

I bought a $20 guitar cable and $35 worth of music books. I also learned that because I let them ream me up the ass with a $35 2-year-extended warranty that I really don't need, I can bring my guitar back any time in the next 60 day and exchange it for a better one, after I pay the difference, of course.

I'm seriously considering it. There's a much nicer cherry one for about $100 more than I paid for mine.

So let me ask you, do you play any instruments? And if so, what do you play and how long have you been playing it?


  1. Does The Guitar Center have a NO Stairway sign?

    Trumpet, but never good enough to jam with you.

  2. LOL @ LX! (stairway)

    Like your new guitar!

    I learned a bit of guitar in primary school, but never got further than strumming a few basic chords!

    Learned piano as well & did it til year 10 & got up to grade 4....can't remember bugger all!!!! One day I'll get back to it, when I have somewhere to put it (a house!) & have it tuned!

  3. LX, suprisingly no. This being Alabama they have a sign reading "No Freebird." I had wanted to play trumpet at one point, way back in middle school. Buy my parents refused to let me. They said it was too expensive.

    AlleyCat, I played and played in high school and college. I even wrote and recorded some of my own songs. And then I put it all down and forgot it. And by 'forgot it' I mean, wow, I really forgot it all.