Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Health Fail

Ready? OK!
Well, in the past few weeks I've missed quite a few workouts. I had fully intended to stick to it, but I keep getting sick and/or hurt. And it isn't as if I'm hittin' it all that often in the first place. I'm only able to make it to bodypump classes twice a week. That's two workouts a week and no more. Pretty sad. And I'm missing half of those.

I got a new phone and lost my diet tracker app with the old one. I eventually found and reinstalled the app on my new phone, but I have yet to enter a single meal into it. It wasn't as if I had so drastically altered my diet in response to the calorie knowledge anyway, but it had helped to know just what I was eating and how many calories it was adding up to. For the record, I average about 2000 calories a day and I'm 6 feet tall. So I should weigh ... what? Less than I currently do, that's for sure.

I keep getting sick. It has started to worry me. I don't think I've ever been so sick so many times before. I even ran the Warrior Dash while sick just because I'm so tired of being sick and I was simply not going to let it make me miss that. It wasn't just a race. It was an experience. And I wanted it. Supposedly, lots of exercising and careful eating is supposed to make you healthier, not sicker. So if that's the case then what kind of shape would I be in if I weren't working out so much? Would I be in the hospital with some fatal illness or something? This is really getting ridiculous.

Where does it hurt?
So, I've discovered that the GNC website has no wish list and won't store the items in your cart for more than about 24 hours. Awesome. Thanks, you douchebags. So I guess I'll start keeping a GNC "grocery list" in Excel or something and then just go ahead into the store itself and skip their useless website from now on.

Why doesn't Blogger know how to spell 'douchebags' yet? Seriously, it's got a red underline to let me know that Blogger thinks I've misspelled it. Sorry, Bloggerbags, but I think I've got it right. If not, then close enough.

I'm ripping $5 WalMart CDs right now and currently Whitesnake is singing "Still of the Night" and making me feel like I'm in high school or something. Somewhere in my mind I'm picturing Tawny Kitaen doing gymnastics on the hood of my old car and making me mess my pants. Did you know she did that video totally unrehearsed? They had brought in Paula Abdul to teach her how to dance for the video and when Paula saw her doing her gymnastics on the cars she said, "what do you need me for? She's got it." And she left.

Well, this is truly a rather random post. I mean, I've pretty well said what I came to say. Tomorrow is another pump class and I intend to be there, but all day today my wrist was killing me and I have no idea why. This keeps happening, much like my repeat sicknesses, and it's bugging me. I'll be in class tomorrow, but that's still only one workout for the entire week. Hardly accomplishing much.

Sometimes I feel as if this is my theme song:


  1. Wow. That 1st photo is just plain scary. The guy's shorts are shorter than the girls! Male camel toe anyone?!

    This career sickness you've got sounds catching.
    I am sure I read another blogger somewhere say he has the very same thing. Have you met? :o/

  2. Wow, talk about a few photos that one shouldn't see right after breakfast! My guess on the sickness thing is that it's due to stress. And as for your hurt wrist...um...isn't that an obvious??? ;)

  3. You do know that's actually me rolling across the car. I killed that shit back in the day. I don't need no stinkin' Paula.

  4. Ute, back in The Day everyone's clothes were so tight that camel toe for girls was the norm and guys had to be extremely careful how they sat down or they'd lose a testicle or two.

    PaddedPrincess, I wonder if you're right about the stress? As for the wrist, wouldn't they both be sore if it was from that? I'm ambidextrous, you know. :-)

    TellIt, well, it helps if it's shaped well and attached to a woman who is also shaped well. Kim Kardashian or J Lo, for example.

    Suburbian, I always suspected that it was you, you smokin' hot hottie, you!

  5. IF you have an Iphone ... My Fitness Pal is the app to have. If you don't have an Iphone .. well then, you aren't cool and we can't text ..

    Love the douchebag pic .. classic.

  6. That would be me...I know I have no shame...my theme some is from Rockie...oh you know the one

  7. Alana, I'm afraid I don't have an Iphone. I have a Blackberry - a big, clunky, heavy Blackberry. But I'd really like to text you. And I'd really like to be cool. Send me your cell # and I'll promise to never, ever text you any junk shots, just my latest workout humiliation updates.

    LikeItIs, you don't need to have shame. You're beautiful like a supermodel. Only us non-supermodel types have to have shame. That's the rule.

  8. I was going to ask what sort of phone you got.... but you already answered that one! I'm thinking about a new one.....

    Hope you start feeling better soon.......you've been sick for way too long. NOT GOOD. :0(

  9. AlleyCat, yeah, I agree. I've been sick way too much. I've only just begun to suspect that I know what's been causing it.