Monday, March 19, 2012

Update after St Patrick's Day

I have tried three times to join a local gym. Believe it or not, my three attempts have been unsuccessful. you wouldn't think it would be so hard, but apparently this gym owner doesn't care much about adding members. I plan to try again this week.

I spent St Patrick's Day evening in a bar listening to a friend's band play while I drank beer and pretended not to have a migraine. They were way loud and had lots of flashing lights set up which periodically hit me dead in the eyes and set off a migraine that didnt quit until well into the following day.

Since I mentioned my troubles updating a PC with Windows Service Pack 3, I thought I'd update that with the latest. I managed to download the whole service pack file for burning to CD. Or at least Windows seemed to insist that it was a CD burner file. That frustrated me for awhile until finally I opned the file using Notepad. This caused it to run, finally, and update the operating system to service pack 3. It took all freakin' night, but now it's done.

I'm trying to adjust to my new surroundings and situation. I'm trying to learn to blog using my cell phone, too. This is my first attempt at it.

I hope you had a good St Patrick's Day.


  1. How do you like blogging from your phone? I'm been flirting with the idea, but I'm an old fashion gal...

    Sorry about the migraine, I know how much they suck!

  2. You can blog from your phone? Who fkn knew?!

    Afraid I didn't even realize it was St Patrick's day. All the days seem to be rolling into one atm.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  3. I have enough trouble texting..... don't think i'd be very good at phone blogging!!!!

    Daft bloody gym. Daft bloody staff. Hope they let you in soon!

    I saw lots of leprechauns in the city Saturday be sure to be sure. Happy St Paddy's day mate! Bugger about the migraine......I'm guessin' the green beer didn't help :0(

  4. SavyFoodies, its a bit awkward and I have no idea how to add photos, but for now its all I've got.

    Ute, you've got a lot on your plate right now so I can understand missing St Patricks Day. Any phone that can surf the net should be able to post to your blog. Its just difficult.

    Alleycat, I finally got in and got signed up today. Tomorrow, with all the pollen in the air, I should be hitting the treadmill. Yay, so fun. But I have a race coming up so I've gotta do it.

  5. My phone is smarter than me and I'm not afraid to admit it. It can blog, tweet, facebook and probably download a life supply of cute kitten videos but I keep insisting to use it as I know a phone and text message device (because really that's all I know what to do with it!).

  6. PaddedCellPrincess, my phone is set up in such a way that it's actually not that easy to use as a phone, which I think is just wrong on so many levels. It's like someone made a tiny iPad and then said "hey, we forgot to include a phone in this phone" and added it as an afterthought.