Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday, Must Be Funday

It's Sunday afternoon, its dark and raining outside, and I've just wasted my entire afternoon trying to get Windows service pack 3 to download and install on this computer.

It hasn't encouraged me at all to discover through internet searches that a great many users of Microsoft Windows have experienced the exact same problem that I have, what with the file downloading for an hour and then simply disappearing without installing at all.

It hasn't encouraged me at all to read of users who managed to install it successfully only to have their computers begin running like a tired of piece of crap when just prior to installing the service pack their machines ran fine.

It isn't helpful that I need to go to the bathroom and drop a load for about half of the time I've been fighting this battle. I'm stubborn. I can't just walk away. I sat here and waited for the download to complete so I could do the install. I want to know where the hell it went and why it won't install.

I want to throw this computer across the room, drive to Seattle and walk into Microsoft headquarters and punch every programmer I find in the face.

I am not having a fun Sunday.


  1. Well, there's ya problem right there... you're using Windows! ;op

  2. Ute, apparently you're right. It has been driving me crazy for a long time now, but the computers I have been on have been such sorry pieces of crap that I have had trouble deciding which is the bigger problem, the operating system or the machine itself.

  3. every time I i see that windows pic i worry about who left the gate open!!!!!!!!! there aint no livestock in that there paddock. damn windows......

  4. Damn Windows is right. They must've let'em all out. ;-)