Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wake Up

Just a little tip: if you're falling asleep at your desk during the workday and coffee doesn't seem to be helping at all, take a little walk.

It's currently 29 degree Fahrenheit here today (-2 Celsius) so my usual walk around the parking lot was absolutely not an option. Instead, I chose to walk up 7 floors via the stairs and then walk back down again.

My legs are wobbly and my heart is pounding at a healthy pace. Best of all, I'm not sweaty because it didn't take quite long enough for my sweat glands to realize what was going on and soak me down like a car wash, the way they usually do. So, I did a quick workout, didn't get sweaty, woke myself up, and my legs feel like I just did squats at the gym.

I'm awake!


  1. Can I swap continents with you? We've got 44c here today 111.2F.
    I don't need to tell you how much I HATE Summer.

    You can't even walk in this heat. I sweat just thinking about getting up off the fkn chair. :o/

  2. Ute, I'd gladly swap with you. You may have heat, but we get that every summer, too. You have ocean beaches, though, and we have none of that anywhere near here. Surf City, here I come!

  3. Only -2C and you don't go outside? Wimp ;). I actually like cold weather, makes the running pretty awesome.

  4. Annika, I like cold weather OK if I'm at home and can change into whatever clothes I prefer, but when I'm at work I have to be more choosy. If I go walking when it's below a certain level then my nose runs and I end up sitting at my desk blowing my nose over and over while the woman who sits across from me sighs loudly and sends IMs to her coworkers complaining about me blowing my nose. :-( I work with a drama queen.