Monday, July 25, 2011


I had intended to make my first post after returning from vacation a series of photos and maybe some video from the beach, but as all of that is on my laptop and I am nowhere near my laptop, it'll have to wait.

It's cloudy today, which has cooled things off nicely. That's a real relief after a week burning in the July sun at the beach. At least we had the ocean there, but now that I'm home again there is no ocean to jump into when the heat gets to be overwhelming. And the air conditioning in my car hasn't been all that good lately. I probably need to go have it recharged.

Today is another bodypump class. I haven't been in a week and a half. I'm not enthused about going today, and if anyone were to call me up and say, "let's do lunch" I'd skip out on class and go eat some very unhealthy restaurant food instead. Yes, I know I'm a bad athlete, but I've been a bad athlete for awhile now. That's how I ended up in bodypump class in the first place.

Depending on how humiliating my workout is today I may update this post with more information. Otherwise, I've just farted and judging from the way it is fogging up the windows in my office I suspect I need to go have a sit-down on the toilet.



  1. welcome back!! I'm equally as bad an athlete...........probably worse judging by the chocolate I just ate....

  2. Truly an epic return post! One fart, and yer gorn! ;o)

  3. AlleyCat, if chocolate were the worst thing I ate I'd be doing much better. In the South, where I am, it seems like everywhere you go all the food is fried. You have to make an effort to get it any other way.

    Ute, after an epic fart is the best time to leave!

  4. AlleyCat, she has a way with words.