Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cotton Pickin Tired

Yesterday I wrote about the 5K race I was scheduled to run today. I said I'd update my blog to tell if I'd run or not.

I did not run.

OK, OK, stop it, stop it! I had a hell week. By the time Friday came around I was passing out at my desk. I don't know what exactly is going on, but I am just collapsing. So Saturday when my alarm went off for me to get up and run, I turned it off, briefly grew painfully aware of how incredibly tired I still was after a full night of sleep, and passed right back out again. I got up later and went downtown to see how things came out.

Here's a photo of all the people wandering around after the race looking at craft tables and a big car show:

Click on the photo and make it larger. Do you see the 2 girls in the lime green t-shirts with 5K written on it? Those are the shirts people got when they registered for the race. I'm supposed to have one, but I never got my race packet, so I don't know where it is. Looking at those 2 girls I can't help but think "I could have beat them, even as tired as I am." Yeah, especially if they ran with the child on their shoulders and the shopping bags. Every little bit helps. 

When I first arrived downtown half the people there were wearing their race shirts. But the runners cleared out pretty quickly and went home  to recover. I wanted to see the cars. Even if I had run, I would have stuck around to see all the cars. I just would have been scary looking and deathly tired as I did it.

OK, I don't have a good excuse for not running. I didn't train at all. I was afraid of an injury. I was worn to a frazzle from working all the time. I haven't found a way to get to the gym with this job, but somehow I'm going to have to. Either that or I'm going to have to change jobs again. No one is paying me well enough to sacrifice my health just for  the 'privilege' of working for them. Once you lose your health its a monster trying to get it back.

So, it wasn't a bad day. I spent hours and hours looking at everything downtown. It wasn't too hot, either. It would have been a good day for me to run. I should have run. I didn't. What more can I tell you?

2 more wearing their race shirts


  1. Replies
    1. Annika, I suppose so. Its hard to skip knowing I have another race soon and I need all the workouts I can get before then.

  2. Sometimes you have to listen to your body. When you are that tired, sleep is best.

    I am sure you would have run faster than the girlies in green :0)

    1. AlleyCat, I would like to think I would be faster, but I have lost to women pusbing strollers before so I'm not entirely confident. Ha ha

  3. There will be other races, hope you are rested for the next one!

    1. LisaBikiniRunner, my next one is in three weeks - the Warrior Dash. I'm so out of shape for this one, but its always fun. Tonight I'll have to go for a run. HAVE TO. :-)