Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update on Everything

OK, I started to write a post about what I'm up to and then I checked and found that I'd already updated everything I'm up to and not much has changed. Wow, that really sucks. My life is SUPER boring.

So, I haven't run or biked in weeks. And the way things are at my new job, I don't think I can work out during lunch hour. That means joining the bare bones gym near my house and trying to get back into the old workouts I used to do at night after supper. And that means hours and hours of treadmill jogging with an iPod and the TVs all tuned to crap I don't care about. Blah. I'm not enthused about nighttime workouts and going back to seeing how much I can bench press. Blah. Blah blah blah.

Bobcat or Mountain Lion?
In addition to the Bobcat Family my neighbors keep seeing running across the road about a half mile from my house, someone I know even better saw a mountain lion diving into the woods about an equal distance from our house, but in the opposite direction. So, bobcats to the south and a mountain lion to the north. I haven't seen any of these, so I can't estimate how big or small they are. I once found the dead body of a small mountain lion on the roadside and it was no giant. It was about the size of a dog. Not that I'd want to tangle with it even so, but at least it wasn't like 200 pounds or anything. Then again, another  mountain lion was hit by a car on the highway about a mile from my house and that sucker was HUGE. So really, I just need to see these cats for myself to decide how scared to be, you know?

Speaking of the woods where my neighbors keep seeing bobcats, the past 2 days in a row I have had a family of deer run across the road right in front of my car in the very same spot as I was coming home from my Psycho Drama Queen-free job. Yesterday it was two adult female deer. Today it was a family of 4, one male, 2 females, and a baby deer.  So based on that I get the impression the Bobcat Family and Mountain Lion weren't around at the time. Otherwise, I would have seen 1 male deer, 2 female deer, and 1 baby deer with three bobcats or one mountain lion attached to it dying in the road in front of me as it got devoured.


What else? Ah yes, my cat peed in the dustpan. Again. I let him spend the night indoors, safe from the big cats out there and he thanks me by peeing in the dustpan. This would be the dustpan that was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THE LITTERBOX, mind you.  So we're having a bit of a falling out right now.

Ah, one health-related issue I can't seem to shake - my left heel feels like something  is stuck in  it, like a thorn is stuck in my foot. But when I look, I see nothing. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something else, some sort of running-related injury that I've never had before, like a heel spur or something. It'd fit with the calf injury problem, which preceded my weird tight-arches problem. Every morning when I wake up my arches feel tight and it takes forever for my feet to finally loosen up again.  It's weird. From what I've read, this often precedes heel spurs. So awesome. If I didn't know better I'd swear God didn't want me running anymore. But I'm stubborn, so I'm going to keep doing it anyway.


  1. LOL treadmill guy is funny!!!

    Your naughty cat! Mine power spewed next to her litter tray yesterday. Not only was I scoopin' poop but furball spew at the same time!!

    Sorry to hear you cant train much at the moment. Is there something you can do at home rather than stuff you hate @ gym? Like some stretchy bands, slides & hand weights? At least you'll be safe from shite TV & mountain lions!!!

    Try rolling your feel over a tennis ball or similar to release the tension......

    Hope you have a good weekend mate!!!!

    1. AlleyC, I do have a tennis ball that I've been rolling my feet over. I need to do it more regularly, actually. I think it does help. I've been totally slacking these hot, sticky summer months and not doing much of anything exercise-wise. Most likely I'll join the gym nearest my house and force myself back into the habit of going. I really should be doing some free weights anyway. I've just gotten away from it lately.

  2. I don't envy you if it is indeed a heel spur. I've had them in both feet, and they tend to recur.
    Seems to run in the family, too.
    Cat is right... tho a golf ball is the best thing I've found. There's nothing much to get rid of it, just time unfortunately.

    1. Ute, I've got an old tennis ball I used up on the tennis courts, then donated to my cat, and now its my foot rehab ball. Its major recycling!

    2. never thought of a golf ball!!! probably more intense that the nice soft tennis ball. I'll be giving that a go too. Not that I have heel spurs, but there is a muscle that runs from your big toe under your foot & up the outside of the shin that attaches to the under outer side of your knee (or so they tell me) that gives me grief from running!!! Ball helps ease the tension.

    3. AlleyC, I don't know if I have any golf balls around, but if I do I'll be very careful with trying it. I've bruised the joints down in the balls of my feet before and they take forever to heal. I'd be a bit worried that the golfball might bring that old bruising back. Every injury I ever had seems to not heal exactly, but simply hide and wait for a chance to return.

  3. Oh, cats... They do as they please, and not everytime one understands the meaning of it :P.

    Not much engaged in running or working out? I've recently stepped inside the gym again, actually missed it quite a lot. And my running is picking up rather nicely, not that I have any goal but it's nice to notice some progress.

    I'm sure your life's not boring. Mountain lions and deer sounds pretty exciting to me.

    Take care and hope that foot improves :).

    1. Annika, its not that I don't want to run. Its just that between trying to dodge bobcats and starting a new job I'm having trouble fitting it in. I'll have to get back to it soon because there is a race next month I'd like to run and I need to train.