Monday, December 19, 2011

I Am Not Dead Yet

I realize it has been over a week since I last posted. Things have really gotten out of control the past few weeks. My workouts are a bit chaotic lately. I've been seriously considering trying to prepare for a triathlon. My job is on the line here at end-of-year and nothing is certain as far as next year is concerned. My home situation is a bit tentative. I'm not getting enough sleep. And my subscriptions to about a million publications apparently all run out at the exact same time, Christmastime, when I am flat broke. Yay me and FML.

Anyway, I'm not going to bitch about all of this in any detail. Right now I'm watching a Led Zeppelin concert on the TV from about 1973. It's a bit strange. This is from an age when people went up onstage and just played and did whatever they thought of at the time, as opposed to the later years when bands hired choreographers to script and rehearse every onstage movement to assure no one looked foolish. I'm not sure, but I think Jimmy Page and Robert Plant may both be stoned while up there. It's hard to tell because Jimmy Page has eyes that always look sort of stoned.


  1. Right there with ya on the chaotic circumstances... I hope things turn out well though. Not getting any sleep sucks big time [I've had my fair share of that lately...].

    Good to see you're not dead yet :).

  2. Glad you are still in the land of the living despite said challenging circumstances.

    I'm hoping for some serious sleep this Xmas too.

    It never occured to me they weren't stoned :0)

    Love me a bit of Zep.

  3. I hate December. Every year. Keep your head up. I'm working on chaotic-overdrive as well ...

  4. Heartbroken, I wish I could say things have gotten better, but I think they just got worse.

    AlleyCat, with all the stress I'm currently dealing, I don't know if sleep is going to be possible, or even helpful. You know how when you're super stressed your dreams are filled with your stress? Yeah, it's like that.

    Alana, everything just seems to be coming to a head all at once, just in time for Christmas. yay.