Friday, October 11, 2013

My Third Warrior Dash part 2

Stupid ridiculous hills!

I have never been beaten by a hill or mountain in any race or running course. Or at least I hadn't until last weekend's Warrior Dash. You wouldn't think it would bother me so much, but it does.

I started looking on the internet to see if there are any other races in the same location that the Warrior Dash was held this year, the same hills with or without obstacles. Falling from one of the obstacles didn't bother me nearly as much as simply failing to run all the way up the first steep hill did. I can go to the gym and train to make sure I don't fall from that obstacle again next year. But that hill, all those hills, they all beat me. They were enormous and steeper than anything I have ever even had the opportunity to run up.

That's when I found, not what I was looking for but something revealing in a different way.

People do race up and down those hills. But they don't do it in the usual way. They don't do it the way I was trying to do it.

The only time anyone runs up and down those hills is ....

on horseback.

Get off me, I'm dying here!

The entire area is a horse facility, complete with horses you can rent and ride all over those hills if you want to. You can walk them or run them up the hills if you think the horse can take it. And more power to you.

But you can't run them on foot. Not unless you fall off your horse and he runs off and leaves you.

It's a small consolation, I know. There are other courses with hills no doubt just as steep. And there are people who have run up them. A friend in Australia who used to blog, named Unique_Stephen, used to harass me about the fact that he has conquered more of the United States than I have. And  he doesn't even live here. He has run up mountains on the East coast of America and mountains on the West coast. He's climbed them, too. And fallen from them, breaking his body on the rocks at the bottom and nearly dying.

So anyway, unless the Warrior Dash uses that same location next year, I may never get another chance to try to beat those killer hills. But I could find others just as bad if I look hard enough.

So I'm looking.

Cause that really bugged me.


  1. You are a glutton for punishment!!! I do not like hills..................especially the big mofo's in those pictures. No way would I even attempt to RUN up them!!!!!

  2. AlleyCat, it bugs me because I know I could run them if I had been expecting them. I was only thinking about the obstacles and not at all prepared for the obstacle of the rest of the course being so steep. Both previous Warrior Dashes were almost totally flat so this was an entirely new race. I know I can beat them. I just need one more chance.

  3. I hope they give you the same course next year then you stubborn bugger :0) Good Luck!!!!!!