Sunday, December 16, 2012


I had the flu pretty badly about 2 or 3 weeks ago. And now I have it again. I was at work on Tuesday when I began to feel as if someone had shot me in the stomach and perhaps I needed to take the bullet out because it was still in there. So I knew this wasn't a normal feeling to have. On top of that, my stomach felt like it was blown up as big as the Hindenberg and might explode at any moment. So of course this was the time my boss picked for having lots of meetings. I had to sit in his office on top of his desk, as all the chairs were taken, while feeling like a gunshot victim. Before long my back began to ache, too. I was just in heaven. So there I was on my boss' desk with an inflated stomach rocking back and forth in agony. I could hardly wait for the meeting to end so I could go home and die.

So naturally the meeting went long. We left the office well after 5. I threw on my coat and stepped outside into the parking lot. As soon as the cold hit me I began to violently shiver and my teeth were chattering. OK, it was cold out, but it wasn't quite that cold. Clearly I was very, very sick.

I ran to the car and jumped in, started it up, and cranked up the heat. I drove home for nearly 1 hour with the heat going full blast. It did not warm me AT ALL. Another person riding with me said they could hardly breathe because it was so freakin' hot inside my car. But I couldn't feel any of it. I was still shivering.

Once I reached my own house I ran inside, kicked off my shoes, and dove into bed. Even with all the covers over my head and me curled into a ball I was shivering and chattering my teeth. At some point I got up, aimed the heater in the master bathroom towards the bed and turned it on full blast. Then I jumped back into bed. I stayed in bed from the time I got home until the next morning when I had to contact work to let them know I was not going to be able to make it in.

Must be the flu

So Wednesday and Thursday I was home feeling like death. But for some reason I felt sure I'd be back at work by Friday for sure. Friday came and I developed a new sympton - rocket propulsion diarrhea. NASA could've used my diarrhea to send another Space Shuttle into orbit without requiring any fuel tanks at all, I kid you not.

So I was not able to return to work on Friday either.
One of the weird effects of this flu is that I can't taste anything at all. Everything tastes like wax. I never had a good sense of smell, but I suppose at the moment I have none at all. My ears are ringing. They always did to some extent, but they're really loud right now. I'm not sure how much of this is from the flu and how much I just didn't notice before sitting home alone for 3 quiet, boring days.

My dreams are weird. I remembered a few of them at first, but now that I'm writing about this I can't remember any of them at all. Everything is hazy

I feel as if my muscles are being sucked dry on my bones. I haven't been to the gym in a very long time, so it's unavoidable that I've experienced some hypertrophy, but now I feel like they're just turning into dust. There's an ache that goes with shrinking muscles and boy do I have that ache, in spades. Just tonight I grabbed a 30 lb dumbbell from behind the couch and slowly and feebly pumped out 10 reps of overhead Arnold presses. I just needed the feeling of having something pumping into the muscles to bring them back to life again. It actually felt good. If I weren't still sick I'd drop to the floor and start doing pushups or something. If I could manage that I'm sure the renewed blood flow into my chest, shoulders and triceps would be a welcomed relief from this zombie-like decay I've been feeling.

Do I look smaller to you?
Anyway, that's all that's going on right now. This flu seems to be going around so I'm curious if anyone else has it that reads this blog. Of course, that's an audience of maybe 5 people, minus an old friend who just dropped me out of the blue without any explanation, so that's like 4 now. If you guys can avoid this flu, I highly recommend you do so. It's awful. And two times in a row is even worse.


  1. I'm feeling ya mate! Plumbing Boy has it too, but with out the marks 2 weeks of it. Spent all last weekend in bed with it; soldiered on at work last week, then spent most of Saturday just gone in bed as it got worse again. Was coughing & spluttering just before. I'm still doing everything in my power to make sure I don't get it.

    You poor bugger. Hope you start feeling better very very soon. xo (from a distance!)

    1. AlleyCat, I've had flu twice within a month now, but it's been different each time. I feel sorry for Plumbing Boy having it for 2 weeks. That must really suck! I seem to be OK now. Hopefully this is my last bout of flu for this year. I hope your man is over it soon, too. And I sure hope you don't get it.

  2. Not sure you can pass it via the interwebs, but I had similar flu/virus, WITHOUT the explosive diarrhea.

    Keep your liquids up(no, NOT alcohol!) and just keep warm.
    Sleep and rest is all you can do. Feel better soon.

    1. Ute, wow, this is like the whole world is sick with the flu at once, and the weirdest part is that you guys are in the opposite season from us. I was so busy burying myself underneath blankets that I did tend to neglect my fluids a bit. I'm making it up now with cups of coffee, ironically drunk from the very cup I blogged about previously.

  3. Replies
    1. Minxy, thanks, I'm pretty good now. I hope not to catch this crap again this year.

  4. Two times in a row? That sucks. I was sick before too, but mine was that frakking winter-vomit disease that comes around every year where I live. I didn't feel normal for three weeks, so I kinda know what you're talking about.

    Hope you get better soon, it sucks being sick.

    1. Annika, I don't think I've ever had this hit me two times back-to-back like this before. But I did like your idea over on your blog from November about lying on the couch under a blanket watching movies and drinking hot soup. I did a lot of that.